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What a Leaner Microsoft Will Look Like After the Layoffs

Posted : 2014-07-18

Over the next year Microsoft will lay off 18,000 people, including 12,500 employees who currently work within its Nokia division. This will be the largest staff reduction in Microsoft's history and will put a big dent in its current workforce of... Read More >


Google Releases New Chrome 36 Web Browser, Chrome for Android

Posted : 2014-07-17

Chrome 36 includes 26 security fixes, rich notification improvements and other updates. Read More >


10 Tips to Avoid Sweating About IT This Summer

Posted : 2014-07-17

Just because the sun is out, vacations are thinning out your staff and production demand may be increasing doesn't mean your temperature needs to rise as a result of IT. It may or may not impact you immediately at this time, but the fact is that... Read More >


Dyn Launches New Managed Services Network in China

Posted : 2014-07-17

The new DNS network, which uses the .cn domain, is designed to improve Website speed and reliability for multinational clients. Read More >


Microsoft to Pull Windows Server 2003 Support Next Year

Posted : 2014-07-17

Microsoft warns data center operators that hanging onto the long-lived server OS is potentially endangering their IT infrastructures. Read More >

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