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Sumo Logic Brings Machine Data Analytics to Microsoft Azure

Posted : 2016-09-21

The log management and analytics firm launched its apps in the Azure Marketplace, helping customers turn their cloud log data and metrics into insights. Read More >


Trifacta Update Extends Data Wrangling to LOB Users

Posted : 2016-09-21

Data wrangling is a data clean-up service in the same market as master data management, data governance, deduplication, and similar products and services. Read More >


Microsoft Enlists AI, Cloud in Battle Against Cancer

Posted : 2016-09-20

Microsoft researchers are using artificial intelligence technologies and the Azure cloud computing platform to advance cancer research. Read More >


Microsoft Improves GigJam's Out-of-Office Technology

Posted : 2016-09-20

Microsoft updated GigJam so that users can now set a 24-hour expiration deadline when they collaborate with offline colleagues. Read More >


With Their Jobs Becoming Ever More Complex, IT Pros Deserve Their Day

Posted : 2016-09-20

Sept. 20 is the second annual IT Professionals Day. Observed on the third Tuesday of every September, IT Professionals Day is a day to honor the modern-day IT professional. All you systems administrators, network engineers, database administrators,... Read More >

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