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Office Mix: Bridge Between PowerPoint, Office 365 Video Services

Posted : 2014-11-19

Office Mix, Microsoft's interactive presentation technology, will act as a bridge between PowerPoint and the newly announced Office 365 Video service. Read More >


The Band's Back Together: Woz Joins Startup Primary Data

Posted : 2014-11-19

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who had been mysterious about his next assignment, has joined virtalization startup Primary Data as its first chief scientist. Read More >


IBM Verse Brings Social, Analytics to Enterprise Email

Posted : 2014-11-18

IBM announced a major new enterprise email solution–using social, analytics and cloud technology--aimed at transforming the way people work and collaborate. Read More >


Phone Scams Borrow Typosquatting Strategy to Target Bank Customers

Posted : 2014-11-18

Criminals intent on defrauding customers have reserved phone numbers similar to major banks, aiming to catch consumers who misdial the number, says Pindrop Security. Read More >


Features We Want to See in a 'Facebook at Work' Enterprise Service

Posted : 2014-11-18

While Facebook and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg have made their fortune on providing a social service to consumers, it appears now that they're thinking its time they aligned the social network closer to the enterprise. It appears Facebook is ready to... Read More >

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