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Microsoft Releases 'Cloud-Forged' Exchange Server 2016

Posted : 2015-10-05

With a focus on improved workplace collaboration and faster search, Microsoft releases the on-premises version of its latest email server. Read More >


Autonomy Founder Files Counter-Suit Against HP

Posted : 2015-10-02

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch files a counter-claim against HP for $150 million in damages over allegations of financial mismanagement. Read More >


Microsoft, Google Are Waging War on Many Fronts

Posted : 2015-10-02

Microsoft and Google have decided to stop a long and bitter patent battle, putting to end a saga that had lasted far longer than anyone might have expected. The two companies launched have nearly 20 lawsuits against each other over everything from... Read More >


New Office Delve Update Lets Colleagues Heap on the Praise

Posted : 2015-10-02

A new update for Microsoft's Delve Office search and discovery app for workplaces helps employees celebrate one another's work achievements. Read More >


Microsoft Unveils Privacy-Enhancing ExpressRoute for Office 365

Posted : 2015-09-30

Security-conscious organizations can now establish a direct connection to their Office 365 clouds. Read More >

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