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Microsoft Tackles Office Mobile Accessibility, Adds Excel Toolset

Posted : 2016-05-24

Microsoft announces upcoming accessibility enhancements for Office 365 Android and iOS apps and adds several new data transformation options to Excel. Read More >


Data Visualizer iCharts Upgrades Service, Joins Google Cloud

Posted : 2016-05-24

iCharts' new enterprise product enables users to integrate non-NetSuite data with NetSuite data directly inside the NetSuite dashboard. Read More >


Microsoft Networks 3D Printers With Windows 10 IoT and Raspberry Pi

Posted : 2016-05-23

A new app for Microsoft's lightweight version of Windows for Internet of things devices allows users to access 3D printers over a network. Read More >


Microsoft Sets the Stage for IoT-Enabled CRM

Posted : 2016-05-23

With the Connected Field Service offering and the Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave, Microsoft aims to usher in an era of intelligent, IoT-powered customer service. Read More >


Microsoft Wants UK to Remain in the EU

Posted : 2016-05-21

Microsoft says it has a long history with the UK and hints that future investment could be affected if the ountry votes to leave the EU. Read More >

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