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Microsoft Updates 'Big Data in a Box' Appliance

Posted : 2014-12-18

Microsoft incorporates its latest Windows Server and SQL technology into Analytics Platform System (APS) Appliance with Update 3. Read More >


BlackBerry Classic Harks Back to Bold 9900 to Lure Business Loyalists

Posted : 2014-12-17

NEWS ANALYSIS: The BlackBerry Classic will have the look and feel of the Bold, but will run BlackBerry OS 10 and can handle Android apps as the company moves back to its core business market. Read More >


Cyber Attackers Increasingly Sneaking Corporate Data Out Through DNS

Posted : 2014-12-17

Almost 90 percent of firms have suffered an attack against their domain-name system infrastructure, and nearly half have detected data leaving their network through DNS. Read More >


Oracle, Seeing Cloud Sales Rise, Beats Street on Q2 Earnings

Posted : 2014-12-17

Overall cloud-related revenue was up 47 percent year over year, a metric that is very important to the long-term health of the company. Read More >


Yammer Comes to Microsoft Office 365 Kiosk

Posted : 2014-12-17

Yammer is finally available on all Office 365 business plans. Microsoft adds Yammer to Office 365 plans used by organizations with fleets of shared PCs. Read More >

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