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Platform Maker Regalii Makes Bill-Pay Function a Profit Center

Posted : 2016-10-25

FinTech pioneer evolves its global platform to enable banks to make consumer bill-pay profitable by modernizing the user experience with messaging. Read More >


Outreach 'System of Action' Aims to Pick Up Where CRM Leaves Off

Posted : 2016-10-25

The sales analytics firm says sales reps are too bogged down with administrative tasks that Salesforce and other CRM systems require to operate effectively. Read More >


Google Now Combining Browsing Data With Personally Identifiable Info

Posted : 2016-10-24

A policy change eliminates a provision that Google would not combine data from the DoubleClick database with personally identifiable information gathered from Gmail and other Google accounts. Read More >


Collibra Update Offers 'Amazonification' of Data Analytics

Posted : 2016-10-24

Collibra enables users to research and find data in the same way they shop for products on consumer sites, such as Amazon and iTunes. Read More >


Microsoft Rolls Out Azure Storage Client Library for Xamarin

Posted : 2016-10-24

The new client library makes it easier for Xamarin developers to add cloud storage capabilities to their mobile apps. Read More >

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