How to Evaluate Help Desk Software: Top 10 Considerations - Page 4

Consideration No. 6: Change of ownership

For IT service desk solution companies, constant change of ownership and focus on "exit strategies" have shifted their priorities from satisfying customers to growing a customer base and then selling the company. This change in priorities results in industry confusion, with many leading vendors changing ownership multiple times over short time frames.

Many of these newly formed companies push clients to more expensive product lines and phase out or decrease R&D for the less expensive products. How does this alter your choice of service desk provider? Look at their product lines and code bases, with a clear view of how multiple changes of ownership might dilute their product. Lean towards those firms that exhibit clear focus and stability.

Consideration No. 7: Dedicated following of ITIL best practices

Dedicated following of ITIL best practices require that every IT request is tracked and recorded. A 20-second customer call asking for a reset password should be tracked. With modern technology, it's possible to run the program to reset the password, create incident fields, and send the user a confirmation e-mail with just one click.

A hundred undocumented "small" tasks in a day result in perceived department inefficiencies by management. "Known problems" should also be automated, with incidents that can be created in seconds and all future inquiries into that issue should receive automated resolution. Don't purchase a system that can't handle automation of routine or redundant tasks.