Mailstream Manages E-Mail Flow - Page 2

When considering an e-mail policy-compliance tool, look for a flexible rules engine and strong audit and reporting tools.

  • What services does the vendor offer to help create policies based on existing processes and data? Knowing what standards are in place for identifying confidential data makes it much easier to build policies for document security.
  • Does the product support multilevel auditing and escalation? Ensuring that front-line auditors fulfill their responsibilities and that policy violations are escalated through management are key ways to prove processes exist to fix problems.
  • Where does the policy engine intercept e-mail traffic? Intercepting e-mail before it reaches the message store on the e-mail server keeps policy-violating e-mail out of the archive and prevents it from being sent, thus keeping miscreant e-mail from being swept up during discovery.
  • What messaging platforms are supported? A single solution that addresses both e-mail and IM can simplify auditing and discovery. Look for systems that can also work with e-mail archives.

Source: eWEEK Reporting


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