Microsoft's Tough 2012: 10 Products That Gave it the Most Grief

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-12-24 Print this article Print

5. iPad

Apple’s iPad is the top tablet on the market. And its success is what prompted Microsoft to try its own chances in that space with the Surface. However, the Surface hasn’t been selling very well and Apple’s slate is hugely popular. Until Microsoft can respond to the iPad with something that appeals to customers, it will be inconsequential in the tablet space.

6. iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is another major thorn in Steve Ballmer’s side. That device is selling like gangbusters and so far, no other device, save for the Samsung Galaxy S III, has come even close to matching it. There’s talk that Microsoft might unveil a smartphone in 2013, but if it does, will it be able to compete with the iPhone?

7. Google Search

Bing is still very much a work in progress. While it has made some modest gains, Microsoft would like to see it grab some serious market share from Google. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that hasn’t happened. And judging by the current state of the search market, Bing won’t get close to Google anytime soon.

8. Nokia’s Lumia line

Nokia is arguably Microsoft’s most important Windows Phone partner. However, the Lumia’s performance has been middling at best. That’s really bad news for Microsoft. The Lumia was supposed to be the reason consumers would adopt Windows Phone. Instead, it’s a product line that’s turning people away from the operating system.

9. PCs

For the first time, the laptop market is down this year while the desktop space continues to decline. Overall, PC shipments are proving disappointing. Much of that is due to tablets, but it might also have to do with poor PC designs. Microsoft needs some extra help from PC makers or things could get worse for Windows and its desktop efforts.

10. Sony’s PlayStation 3

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has come on extremely strong in the console market. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which has largely controlled the U.S. space, could be relegated to third place by the time this console generation passes into obsolescence. Luckily for Microsoft, it will be readying a new console next year to compete with the next-generation of devices, including the Nintendo Wii U.

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