Ruthless or Humane Ways to Take Control of E-mail

Review: When it comes to e-mail management tools, you can go with hard processes to be ruthlessly efficient or with soft social connections. After all, they are from humans.

E-mail management tools come in two primary flavors: the ruthlessly efficient and the cordially helpful.

Using and defending the ruthlessly efficient, you will find colleagues who are rigorously organized and efficient, who Get Things Done not so much as a consequence of employment, but almost as a way to spiritual fulfillment. Getting Things Done is a kind of Ninth-fold Path to paradise-made up of all the bits of Path wasted by people building the other Eight-collected and reused by the more meticulous among us.

You can tell those who are Getting Things Done (which is actually a copyrighted organizational method created by management consultant David Allen in his book "Getting Things Done-The Art of Stress Free Productivity").

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