Sinofsky's Sudden Exit from Microsoft: 10 Implications for the Future

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-14 Print this article Print

5. Executives should be pleased

Other Microsoft executives are likely more than pleased with Sinofsky's ouster. According to several reports, Sinofsky was tough to deal with in the Microsoft halls and often had contentious relationships with fellow executives. Now that he's gone, they might they might find it easier to flourish under a less oppressive management environment.

6. A new eye on Windows 9?

Although Windows 8 just launched, Microsoft is surely thinking about its plans for Windows 9. But for the first time, that planning phase won't involve Sinofsky. Could that mean there will be a new strategy with Windows 9? Could the new operating system feature a revamped design? Time will tell.

7. Maybe the shareholders will be right: Little will change

If the shareholders are to be believed, there isn't much to worry about with Sinofsky's departure. On the first day of trading after it was announced that he's leaving, stock prices were off just about $1 a share. In subsequent trading, they held steady. In other words, shareholders aren't fleeing. If they're not fleeing, that might mean they're not concerned. So, should anyone else be worried?

8. Some new blood might come up

Sinofsky was part of Microsoft's old guard, an entrenched and domineering group of people that have been in control for a long time. It appears now that the old guard is slowly but surely starting to break up. That might finally allow some young blood to make its way up the ranks and hopefully improve the company.

9. Is it a sign of Windows' declining importance?

With Sinofsky now out and Microsoft seemingly not caring all that much, is it possible that Windows just isn't as important to the software giant as it once was? After all, if Windows was ultimately important, Ballmer would have done everything he could to keep the man that made it so. Instead, Ballmer let Sinofsky go. Sorry, but that doesn't sound like Windows is as important to Microsoft as it once was.

10. Other executives might get the ax

If recent history has shown anything, it's that when one executive goes, others might not be far behind. At Apple, for example, Scott Forstall went along with John Browett. With Sinofsky now gone, it's not a stretch to believe others might follow. Some reports suggest Ballmer is cleaning house, and Sinofsky was first to get the ax. Let's see if others follow him out the door in the coming weeks.

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