Real-Time Data, Execution Will Drive Enterprise Strategy in 2014

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2014-01-10 Email Print this article Print

In 2014, enterprise strategies will be shaped by the improved ability to make business decisions and execute based on real-time data, according to Automic, a provider of a platform for automating businesses. Automic works with some of the world's biggest retail companies, including eBay and Nike, and explores how businesses can revolutionize and innovate the customer experience. These predictions spotlight the key trends and disruptors that will impact global organizations in 2014, including using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve automation, implementing multichannel strategies and responding to cross-channel customer demands. One trend for 2014 is that it will be necessary to treat the system as one heterogeneous unit to deliver a complete view of formerly siloed systems. For example, a move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure requires that not one, but all datasets across the complete system be fully tested to ensure that all data can move securely in and out of the newly introduced hybrid cloud environment. "Ultimately, the question all organizations will ask themselves in the next year is, 'How can we avoid redundancies in our business while making the most of our time?'" said Craig Beddis, chief marketing officer for Automic. "With every checked box is an earnest, but tedious, approach and IT delivery paradigms should be simplified, sleek and uncomplicated. Businesses should build the risk out of their systems and realize that it's what's under the hood that truly impacts demand—it also holds the key to the next generation of innovation."

  • Real-Time Data, Execution Will Drive Enterprise Strategy in 2014

    by Darryl K. Taft
    1 - Real-Time Data, Execution Will Drive Enterprise Strategy in 2014
  • 2014 Will See an Increased Need for Speed

    Real-time execution will hit its stride in 2014 and touch nearly every facet of the IT landscape. Cloud control and big data digestion have also lost their novelty, but not their endurance. With heightened customer demands for market-defining technologies, next-generation strategies such as virtualization, cloud and mobile high-transactional models mean that organizations will continue to juggle more real-time processing than ever before.
    2 - 2014 Will See an Increased Need for Speed
  • Enterprises Will Learn From Government IT Mistakes

    With recent government IT ailments and costly redundancies, enterprise IT investments will be under the microscope, making complete end-to-end systems testing a top priority.
    3 - Enterprises Will Learn From Government IT Mistakes
  • The CIO Will Become the Chief AI Officer

    Once just a topic for science fiction, AI will become an integral part of daily automation and solutions for everyday business. For example, cloud AI offering scaling will be based on a set of rules determined by the CIO that trigger when traffic spikes or server resource usage increases. With CIOs managing the resource automation during peak seasons, they will also become the AI officers spearheading all business and technology needs.
    4 - The CIO Will Become the Chief AI Officer
  • Mobile IT Pays Dividends

    Across industries, particularly retail and financial services, routine changes and new functionalities are creating cumbersome, unsustainable environments that are costing enterprises time and money. Multichannel and multiplatform approaches will become streamlined to harmonize disjointed business systems to reap the tangible benefits of mobile IT for both the enterprise and the consumer.
    5 - Mobile IT Pays Dividends
  • Next-Generation Shoppers Take the Lead

    Today's shoppers are part of a new generation that's more demanding, constantly connected, and accustomed to the speed and simplicity of mobile and online shopping channels. Retailers are collecting gobs of data from in-store, e-commerce channels and social media to predict shifts in purchasing patterns. With this data, retailers are uncovering new revenue streams and focusing more on cross-channel customer consistency, streamlining the supply chain, and localizing messaging to maintain customer loyalty and stay ahead of competitors.
    6 - Next-Generation Shoppers Take the Lead
  • The Cloud Clears Mobile Broadband Storms

    The proliferation of mobile devices means data storage and processing capacities are maxed. As such, enterprises will take another look at cloud alternatives such as over-investing in additional storage, particularly as mobile devices increasingly handle compute-intensive tasks.
    7 - The Cloud Clears Mobile Broadband Storms
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) Gets Real

    Much like big data, cloud and even bring-your-own-device (BYOD), transformative IT trends have been democratized by the mainstream. Yet, enterprises are mystified on where to start with the Internet of things. Competition and accelerating customer expectations will continue to drive such IT as embedded sensors, image recognition and near-field communication (NFC) to improve customer engagement and personalization. With the information floodgates free-flowing, IoT will take actionable shape.
    8 - The Internet of Things (IoT) Gets Real

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