Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion, Macs: 10 Reasons to Pick Apple

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-06 Print this article Print
The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Just about everyone who has used Windows 8 so far has complained that the learning curve required to master the operating system is too steep. That's a problem. When users spend cash on a product, they want to be able to use it effectively from the start. They might not be able to do that with Windows 8. But they can with Mountain Lion.


Windows 8's launch on Oct. 26 was met with both excitement and criticism. Microsoft and those who tend to support the company feel as though the radically redesigned operating system will transform the software market and put the software giant on a path that will solidify its dominance over the long term. Critics, however, are shocked that Microsoft would deliver such a dramatic departure from its previous operating systems. Their concerns are valid. In a world where Apple continues to gain market share on Windows, Microsoft's risk-taking at this time is surprising. The last thing the software giant should want to do right now is risk losing customers to Apple in the operating system market. Safety is the name of the game right now. But Microsoft just isn't playing it safe. That has made Windows 8 a tough pill to swallow for many folks. The operating system is very different. And unfortunately, it comes with some issues that might make customers look elsewhere for their next computer. When they do look elsewhere, they might just choose Apple's Mac and new operating system, Mountain Lion. It wouldn't be such a risky move. Apple's software-hardware combination is top notch. This eWEEK slide show outlines why customers might choose Mountain Lion and Macs over Windows 8.


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