Taxpayers Want AI, Digital Assistants to Help Prepare Tax Returns

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Taxpayers Want AI, Digital Assistants to Help Prepare Tax Returns

With the April 15 tax-filing deadline just around the corner, a clear majority of taxpayers are expressing interest in using artificial intelligence to support them in preparing their returns, according to a recent survey from Accenture. The report, titled “Meet Your New Taxpayers Agent: Accenture Digital Taxpayers Research 2017,” focuses primarily on AI-enabled digital assistants, such as Apple’s Siri. Young people are particularly interested in using AI to help them with taxes. Most survey respondents cited the reduction of errors, as well as added convenience in filing among the most cited benefits. More than 6,500 global taxpayers took part in the research. This slide show includes highlights from the survey, with charts provided courtesy of Accenture.

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AI Assistants Viewed as Potentially Helpful Tax Tool

Two-thirds of taxpayers are interested in using an AI-enabled digital assistant to help them with their taxes. In addition, 45 percent said such a technology would be either “extremely” or “very” relevant to their needs.

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Error Reduction Ranks as Top Benefit

When asked about the potential benefits of an AI-enabled digital assistant to help with taxes, 55 percent of taxpayers said it would help them reduce or eliminate errors. The same percentage said it would make it more convenient to file taxes.

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AI Assistants Could Boost Troubleshooting Capabilities

In citing additional advantages, 52 percent of taxpayers said this technology would help ensure “that I am paying the right amount of taxes at the right time.” Just over one-half said AI would help them troubleshoot during their registration and tax filing processes.

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Enthusiasm for AI Tax Apps Run High Among Young People

Younger taxpayers are especially receptive to this concept, with 78 percent of those between the ages of 25 to 34 being interested in using an AI-enabled digital assistant for tax support. More than three of five said this would be either “extremely” or “very” relevant to their needs.

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AI Awareness Remains High

Awareness of AI in general is high among taxpayers as 87 percent have heard of this technology. Just over one-half said they know what it is.

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Many Taxpayers Have Adopted Digital Assistants

More than one-third of taxpayers are already using AI in some manner, regardless of whether they do so for taxes. Voice-enabled digital assistants such as Siri are used by 22 percent of them.

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Tax Authority Websites Sought for Support

In addition to AI, the websites of local tax authorities remain a popular tech tool, as 77 percent of taxpayers visit these sites. In the U.S., however, only 56 percent of taxpayers use the sites.

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Citizens Seek More Customized Digital and Mobile Services

Nearly two-thirds of taxpayers would be interested in technology that customizes the digital services of their tax authorities to their preferences and circumstances. Nearly one-half would be interested in the same kind of customization from their tax authority’s mobile app.

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