The Key Issues and Best Practices of BRMS

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Join a panel of industry experts as they discuss the challenges and trends in business rules management services (BRMS).

Please join us: Wednesday, May 20 at 10 AM PST.

The event is sponsored by Progress

A top-flight Business Rules Management software (BRMS) solution can help a business manage costs, maintain compliance and better serve customers by creating adaptive and reusable business rule flows. Yet many businesses continue to face challenges related to selecting a BRMS solution and leveraging the product to its fullest.

To provide guidance on all things BRMS, we're putting together a Google Hangout roundtable with four enterprise IT software experts who will explore the key issues in this area. We’ll discuss current trends and best practices in BRMS, and we’ll examine ease of use vs. depth of functionality. The conversation will also focus on the potential pitfalls that affect many organizations trying to implement BRMS, with an eye toward mitigating these challenges.

We hope you’ll join us for a wide-ranging and in-depth discussion, and discover how your organization can use BRMS to help manage costs and increase its peace of mind.

Ankur Goyal, Principal Product Manager, Progress

Connie Moore, Sr. VP of Research, Digital Clarity Group

Dana Gardner, analyst, founder at Interarbor Solutions

Kenneth Hess, author, Systems Admin, HP

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