The Marketing of the President 2004 - Page 8


Dean for America Base Case

Headquarters: 60 Farrell St., Suite 300, South Burlington, VT 05043

Phone: (802) 651-3200

Business: Dean for America is the presidential campaign of Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont.

Top Technology Executive: Dick Rowe is the de facto chief information officer, although the campaign eschews business titles.

Financials: Raised over $30 million in campaign donations through mid-November 2003.

Challenges: Popularize little-known candidate; create local organizations in key primary states and across the country, without spending much money; win the Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary and enough subsequent contests to secure the Democratic nomination; unseat incumbent George W. Bush in general election.

Baseline Goals:

  • Secure the 2,159 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination in July; secure the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House in November.
  • Raise more than $45-million limit to carry it through the primary season, making its gamble on declining federal matching funds pay off.
  • Use digital networking to create an army of volunteers. So far, more than 148,000 people have used an electronic meeting tool to become involved in the campaign.
  • Use Internet tools to build support. So far, more than 86,000 letters to undecided voters have been generated by individuals using these tools.

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