Why You Should Invite Artificial Intelligence to All Your Meetings

By Mike Elgan  |  Posted 2016-09-13 Print this article Print
AI Meetings

Aurora is less about scheduling meetings than what is normally called project management, focusing on resource requirements, length of tasks and other factors.


WizCal is another AI meeting scheduler. To use it, you simply add the people you'd like to invite and say vaguely when you'd like the meeting to take place—something as basic as "early next week" will do. WizCal will find a slot that works for everyone and even finds a conference room. Once scheduled, WizCal puts it on everyone's calendar.

WizCal supports Microsoft Outlook and other major platforms as well as SMS messaging.


The beta version of Kono enables you to schedule meetings via email. It works only if all meeting invitees are using Google calendar or Microsoft Office365.

Kono specializes in super ease of use. You can set up a meeting without even typing words. Just choose "lunch" or "meeting" and pick the attendees. Kono does the rest, according to the company.


One task everyone should take on before a meeting is to make sure they know who they're meeting with. Charlie is an iPhone app that does research on people and sends you a "dossier" on the person in advance of your meeting. If you don't have an iPhone, you can use the web version.

When you install it, you'll be invited to approve notifications, as well as access to your calendar and Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When you schedule meetings with people who are in your address book, Charlie presents a description that includes who you're meeting, what they've done professionally and what they've been talking about on social media.

The idea is to give you just-in-time information on the person you're meeting with without spending any time or effort.

The feature I like best about Charlie is that it's pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it app. After you install it and set it up, you never have to think about. Then just before every meeting, you get a super helpful dossier on the person you're meeting with.

Why AI Meeting Management is the Future of Computing

The AI marketplace is exploding right now, and with it, speculation about what the next generation of AI will usher in.

Some are predicting doom and gloom, saying that the machines will take over, steal all the jobs and turn people into pets.

Others say future AI applications will work only in the background and people will continue more or less as they do now, but with smarter software to assist them.

The best-case scenario a people-centric partnership between people and machines, with a clear division of labor. Ideally, AI will do menial tasks while people do the creative work.

That's why I love these AI meeting applications. They handle the grunt work around meetings, leaving humans to create, brainstorm, learn and communicate as ideally they are supposed to do at meetings. At all times, people are in control and kept informed.

With more advanced technology, I would expect these kinds of tasks to be enhanced with proactive agency. For example, our meeting AI services of the future might suggest key people in our industry to meet with or automatically build slides for our presentations.

Beyond merely taking notes, AI might provide intelligent follow-ups for us, add facts and data from the Internet and even suggest bringing in additional participants on the fly.

That's the future. In the meantime, AI meeting helpers are available right now and emerging in new forms all the time.

Soon, every meeting may be organized, prepared and documented by intelligent machines, leaving us humans to the task of understanding, building strategies, communicating and learning how to streamline and do everything better.


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