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New Access Law Not Easy as ABC

Education integrators must deal with Fed's Net-filtering mandate.

Bottom-Fishers Drop a Line

Bargain hunters are beginning to snap up some of the most beaten-down stocks in our index, rewarding companies that are trying desperately to turn themselves around amid the market slowdown.

Fast Breaks Newsfront: January 15, 2001

They're off on Capitol Hill, and one of the first Internet-related issues that legislators will wrestle with is unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Going the Distance

Skirting the roadblock


SBC does triage on Ameritech

Bucking the Trend

Telecommunications equipment vendors have been among the most battered stocks on the Nasdaq, driven down by fears that carriers will cut capital spending and that emerging carriers will run out of money or perhaps even disappear.

Merant to acquire NetObjects division

To bolster its web content management offerings, Merant plc. last week inked a deal to acquire the enterprise division of NetObjects Inc. for $18 million in cash.

ASPects: January 15, 2001

Like many Internet businesses, ASPs got ahead of themselves in estimating their markets, says Agiliti Chief Executive Tom Kieffer.

Dodging Icebergs

Net markets looking for ways to survive

Fast Facts Infrastructure: January 15, 2001

PetroNet, a company with ambitious plans for a 13,500-mile optical network, suspended operations last week after failing to secure a second round of financing.

Find the Sweet Spots

Steven Chester, CEO of Digital Planet, says e-learning and corporate communication will be among the leading opportunities for companies in the streaming-media space.

Well-Connected: It Pays To Select A Messenger With Ties To The Political Power Base

In Indiana, where good-ole-boy, bare-knuckled politics are the rule, Ameritech is hiring well-connected players to carry its message to state lawmakers.
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