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New Microsoft 365 Content Storage Features Apply AI, Machine Learning

Microsoft is about to improve enterprise content information storage and retrieval for Microsoft 365 customers using new OneDrive and SharePoint features driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AWS Launches Over the Air Updates for IoT Backbone FreeRTOS

The operating system for microcontrollers enables low-powered connected devices, such as appliances, fitness trackers, industrial sensors, smart utility meters, security systems and a long list of others.

AWS Relational Database Service on VMware Coming in Fall

Amazon RDS on VMware automates set up, operation and scaling of databases on-premises and in hybrid environments as it does in AWS.

IT Science Case Study: Australian Gas Light Gets Its Act Together

Australian Gas Light needed to manage its assets portfolio and cost structure much more effectively. Its data collection and reporting system was slow and paper-driven, and as the company grew, the process became harder to manage.
Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI Embedded Gets Multi-Geo Support Preview Feature

The preview feature allows Power BI data to now be deployed to users in multiple regions around the world, which was not possible earlier.
Google G Suite Update

Google Adding Application ‘Side Access Panel’ to G Suite

A new “side access panel” will give G Suite users quick access to data in other applications while they are editing a Google Doc or using the Google Calendar, according to the post.
SharePoint Upgrade Roll Out

SharePoint Updates Coming for Hub Sites, News, Pages, Web Parts

Microsoft will start rolling the updates out to Targeted Release customers in early September, with a global release through November.

What Enterprises Need to Know About New-Gen Collaboration IT

As more and more companies in various verticals discover the benefits of collaborating with each other, much of the corporate world is starting to look more like a big bunch of BFFs, hanging out together and innovating in an effort to attract their own pieces of the market.

How Multi-Sided Digital Platforms Are Changing the Rules in IT

A multi-sided platform grows in value to the extent that it attracts more users, a phenomenon known as the “network effect.”

ScyllaDB: Product Overview and Insight

Scylla is an open-source drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra. While preserving the best traits of Cassandra in high availability, fault tolerance and its rich ecosystem, Scylla offers developers a higher-performing and resource-effective NoSQL database.

Bing Search Engine Moves to .NET Core 2.1 for Performance Gains

Microsoft's Bing.com search engine has run on the .NET Framework since it began, but it's now moving to .NET Core 2.1.
Power BI

Microsoft Updates Power BI Report URL Filter, Report Server Update

The new capabilities for Microsoft Power BI add a wide range of features for users as they create business intelligence reports.

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