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Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward--and What To Do About It

Compared to where IT was a few years ago, effective and easy-to-navigate self-service analytics has become much more difficult to achieve. Kelly Stirman explains why and what enterprises can do about it.
Visual Studio

Microsoft Details Latest Developer Features in Visual Studio 2017

In response to requests from developers, the latest Visual Studio 2017 updates bring a host of new capabilities aimed at ease of use.
Firefox 62

Firefox 62 Improves CSS Support for Developers, Fixes Bugs

Mozilla's latest web browser release provides new web standards support for developers, speed improvements on Windows and patches for nine security issues.

What's Driving Companies to Launch Open-Source Programs SLIDESHOW

With faster and more efficient code production—and an improved "open-source culture"—more enterprises are launching formal open-source programs.
Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa

Dell EMC Extends Its Server Marketshare Lead Over HPE

Overall, worldwide server vendor revenues increased 43.7 percent year over year to $22.5 billion during the quarter. In other words, a lot of servers are still being sold and deployed.
Avere vFXT file system fo Azure Cloud

Avere vFXT File System for Azure Cloud Goes Into Public Preview

Previously available for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, the Avere vFXT clustered file system is now arriving for Azure.

Atlassian Launches Jira Ops for Incident-Response Management

The company describes Jira Ops as a hub for modern incident management, because many response teams need a central control to find the right tools and practices to solve new-gen issues.

Inefficient Collaboration Tools Hindering Project Management Teams SLIDESHOW

Project teams are wasting nine weeks a year due to collaboration issues—but IT can help eliminate this via the acquisition and deployment of much-needed project planning and dashboard solutions.
Angel Diaz IBM

IBM Takes Renewed Aim at Developers With New Portal VIDEO

VIDEO: Angel Diaz, vice president of Developer Advocacy and Technology at IBM, discusses Big Blue's recently launched Developer portal and how it will help developers work more collaboratively.

IT Science Case Study: How Walmart Embraced Test Automation, Open Source

As part of an initiative to improve customer e-commerce experiences and developer productivity, the Walmart team adopted continuous testing best practices using Selenium and Test Armada.
Torvalds Hohndel

Torvalds Says Open Source Is the Way to Combat Software Complexity

At the Open Source Summit, Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux talked about the Linux development process, security challenges and why Linux will prosper even after he no longer has a guiding hand on the operating system.
Jim Zemlin OSS 2018

The Linux Foundation Set to Improve Open-Source Code Security VIDEO

VIDEO: At the Open Source Summit, Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation explains how the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) for improving open-source code security is moving forward.

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