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Red Hat CoreOS

Red Hat Acquires Kubernetes Vendor CoreOS for $250M

The deal will bring together the technologies from two of the largest vendors in the Kubernetes container orchestration ecosystem as demand in multi-cloud technologies continues to grow.
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft's Latest Teams Update Bridges App Experiences

The update to Microsoft’s collaboration tool minimizes the need to leave the Teams interface and unifies the search and command experiences.

10 Most Popular Enterprise Apps From Okta’s ‘Businesses @ Work Report’ SLIDESHOW

Security and enterprise systems provider Okta’s “Businesses @ Work Report” lists the 10 most popular enterprise applications. However Okta includes major applications and cloud platforms in its report.
Linux Meltdown Spectre

Torvalds Releases Linux 4.15 With Improved Meltdown, Spectre Patches

CPU security issues required the longest Linux kernel development cycle since 2011, as Linus Torvalds releases Linux 4.15 on Jan. 28
Focus Assist

Windows 10's Distraction-Reducing Feature Is Now Called Focus Assist

Quiet Hours, an attention-honing feature, will get a new name and expanded functionality in the next big Windows 10 update.

Microsoft Readying PowerShell Core 6.1 With AI and IoT Influences

The next big update to Microsoft's cross-platform tool will contain a dash of AI-enabled helper technologies and IoT device support.
Software Performance Analytics Service

Microsoft Releases Windows App Analytics Service for Developers

The new Windows Desktop Application Program uses data analytics to help developers find and solve issues that may be dragging down their software’s performance.

Office 365, Jamf Win Distinctions in 'Most Popular Apps' Survey

Office 365's number of users has jumped during the past year as it continues to pull away from the others on the list; Jamf is indicative of Apple's move into the workplace.
Windows Server Containers Trimmed Down

Microsoft Cuts Windows Server Core Containers Down to Size

Downloads of base Windows Server Core containers are 30 percent smaller than before in preview build 17079.
OneNote for Classrooms

Microsoft Extends OneNote, Teams in Education Technology Push

OneNote and Teams gain new features and integrations, allowing teachers to better tailor their learning environments to their needs.

What Oracle, NetSuite Believe Is in Store for Cloud ERP in 2018

There are new requirements for ERP systems coming down the pike, including new regulations that have made IT executives sit up and take notice. We'll be seeing many of these changes this coming year.

Microsoft Simplifies Embedding Image Recognition Into Mobile Apps

Developers can now use Microsoft's Custom Vision Service to quickly add image recognitions capabilities to iOS and Android apps.

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