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'Siri, Boost My Sales' … Voice-Activated Tech to 'Revolutionize' Orgs SLIDESHOW

Already popular with consumers, voice-activated technology is elevating its presence within the enterprise—with top executives viewing it as a sales-driving tool.
Microsoft OneNote UWP

Microsoft Makes OneNote Client Kinder to Laptop Batteries

The OneNote desktop client will now pause file synchronization operations when Windows slips into its power-saving mode.

Microsoft Tackles Long-Term IoT Device Support and Maintenance

Businesses can now sell and deploy devices that run the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system without worrying that an unwelcome feature update will throw a wrench in things.
Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 Boosts Multicloud DevOps Capabilities

Red Hat's latest update of Ansible Engine includes new capabilities that make it easier to support automation across multiple cloud environments.

Red Hat's Eight Steps to Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud-native application development is an approach to building and running an application that can take full advantage of the cloud computing model based on four key tenets: services for architecture, APIs for communication, containers for infrastructure and DevOps for process.
Visual Studio Admin Dashboards

Microsoft Refreshes Visual Studio Team Services Dashboards

New options help developers find, protect and jump between team dashboards with greater ease.

How Compuware is Bringing Agile, DevOps to Mainframe Development

Compuware reveals a product acquisition, several enhancements to its Topaz for Total Test platform and a partnership that it believes will improve the ability of large enterprises to embrace agile development and DevOps on their mainframes.
EU Google

EU Slaps Google With Record $5B Fine Over Android Bundling Practices

The company is using illegal Android licensing requirements to cement its position in internet search, the European Commission says.

Why Enterprises Need Better Monitoring Tools to Fix IT Infrastructure SLIDESHOW

With app performance slowdowns—and even outages—impacting users, customers and partners, organizations require better monitoring tools to learn how IT infrastructure is creating these problems.

QuanticMind Gives Search Marketers More Control with Bidding Optimization

New features are designed to give marketers more control when it comes to optimizing for their enterprise business goals.
Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Pulling Skype Classic Support After Release of New Version

Users of the legacy desktop Skype client software have until Sept. 1 to upgrade or lose access to the communications platform.

Quest Automates Office 365 Functions in New Addition to SaaS Lineup

Quest On Demand Migration provides Microsoft Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration of accounts, email and OneDrive; helps IT teams with merging and consolidating of Office 365 tenants; and accelerates Office 365 consolidation projects.

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