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ownCloud Enables True Universal File Access via Cloud Service

Posted : 2014-11-12

ownCloud uses its own server-to-server sharing capability to bypass all the Web interfaces that trip up seamless file sharing across silos. Read More >


eWEEKChat Nov. 12: How Robotics Will Impact Future Workforces

Posted : 2014-11-11

Robots are populating more and more of the jobs humans once held. Congress may regulate them. Are there lines to be drawn here? Read More >


Novitex Launches New Cloud Print Service for Enterprises

Posted : 2014-11-11

The service provides users with transparency into all of the costs associated with fleet management--including ink, which is one of the highest MPS line items. Read More >


Breakthrough Prizes: $36 Million for Science Innovation Winners

Posted : 2014-11-10

Awards honor scientists who "refuse to accept conventional wisdom, question everything, and venture into new worlds," Alibaba's Jack Ma said. Read More >


Key Takeaways from Cyber Maryland IoT Security Conference

Posted : 2014-11-07

NEWS ANALYSIS: Securing personal and enterprise data over the long haul cannot be done in piecemeal fashion; a concerted effort among all stakeholders is required. Read More >



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