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Why Persistent Systems Is Talking SMAC in IT Consulting

Posted : 2014-12-05

SMAC is an acronym for social, mobile, analytics and cloud IT, and eventually the bulk of all technology is going to touch one or more of those categories. Read More >


RSA Chairman on Security in 2014: 'Best of Times, Worst of Times'

Posted : 2014-12-02

NEWS ANALYSIS: Because the Internet has evolved from being the connection to storage and services to the location of storage and services, it's an even bigger target. Read More >


Startup AI Provider Sentient Banks $103M in VC

Posted : 2014-12-01

Sentient provides what it calls "massively scaled" artificial intelligence within networks. It routinely runs multiple distributed AI jobs on millions of nodes. Read More >


China's Tianhe-2 Still World's Fastest Supercomputer

Posted : 2014-11-17

The latest Top500 list shows a continued slowing of overall performance growth, though that could change in 2017. Read More >


Dell Research Works at Intersection of Technology, Customer Needs

Posted : 2014-11-16

The recent Dell World show focused in part on the work being done by the company's research unit on cloud infrastructure, security and mobility. Read More >



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