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Ericsson, Cisco Partner to 'Digitize Entire Countries'

Posted : 2015-11-09

NEWS ANALYSIS: Realistically, the agreement appears to boost both companies to a new, even larger-picture-level in the world of IoT networking. Read More >


Activision to Acquire King Digital Mobile Games IP for $6B

Posted : 2015-11-03

Activision, already the largest and most successful interactive entertainment publisher in the business, fortifies its market position mightily with the move. Read More >


China's Letv Cloud, Intel Partner to Commercialize VR Video

Posted : 2015-11-01

The plan is for Intel and Letv to jointly coordinate global ecosystem resources to build an end-to-end global video cloud ecosystem. Read More >


Holiday Gifts With a Digital Twist Appeal to Consumers, Techies

Posted : 2015-10-30

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to think about stocking stuffers and more substantial gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones, especially the tech geeks in your life. This week's "Halloween Spectacular" produced by Pepcom is an... Read More >


Oracle to Build New Tech-Oriented High School on Its Campus

Posted : 2015-10-28

Design Tech High School will be a tuition-free charter school that incorporates technology, design thinking and problem solving skills to help students prepare for careers. Read More >



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