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Google's Ms. Smith Goes to Washington as New CTO of U.S.

Posted : 2014-09-10

Megan Smith, vice president of Google's semi-secret development group, has been a leader at every level she has worked. Now she's the nation's top IT pro. Read More >


eWEEKChat Sept. 10: How the Internet of Things Is Already Changing Our Lives

Posted : 2014-09-10

The IoT will affect basically everyone on Earth -- if not today, then very soon. Let's chat about it. Read More >


Why Apple's Most Important News Was About a New Service

Posted : 2014-09-09

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple Pay, if it really works and gets widespread adoption, can be a major game-changer in the U.S. economy. Read More >


Xbox One September Update Finally 'Dis-Kinects'

Posted : 2014-09-09

Microsoft improves the Xbox One's multitasking capabilities now that buyers are no longer forced to buy the Kinect voice and motion controller. Read More >


HGST Includes First 10TB HDD in New Product Rollout

Posted : 2014-09-09

The company also released a new 8TB helium-filled drive to go with new clustering and management software packages. Read More >



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