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Hiri Takes On the Challenge of Reinventing Email

Posted : 2016-07-14

Most people check email 96 times a day, though only 10 percent of emails require action. Hiri believes there's a better and more effective way. Read More >


eWEEKchat July 13: Hot New Trends, Products in Health Care IT

Posted : 2016-07-12

This will be a timely eWEEKchat conversation about the important use of new-gen technology in the health care sector. Please join us. Read More >


Google DeepMind Just Made Eye Disease an AI Challenge

Posted : 2016-07-06

Google DeepMind is teaming with Moorfields Eye Hospital in an effort to use artificial intelligence to more effectively detect and prevent rising ocular diseases. Read More >


Google Acquires French Startup for Image-Recognition IP

Posted : 2016-07-06

Moodstocks' software uses machine learning to make searchable various images in video from smartphones and tablets. Read More >


Key Problem in Clinton Email Case: Backward Regulations

Posted : 2016-07-05

NEWS ANALYSIS: Laws governing the Clinton email case are not unlike standards in general, which always run years behind the innovation in IT. And that's an issue. Read More >



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