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IBM Breaks Record with 8,000-plus Patents in Calendar Year

Posted : 2017-01-08

This marks the first time any company or organization has earned more than 8,000 patents in one year, and the 24th consecutive year that IBM has been No. 1 on the list. Read More >


Debunking Nagging Myths About AI and Customer Experience

Posted : 2017-01-04

Commonly held beliefs about AI are usually more science fiction than reality--at least for the time being. Read More >


Five of the Most Innovative New Products Debuting at CES

Posted : 2017-01-03

Here are snapshots of a few innovative products being demonstrated at CES this week. Read More >


Story Lines That Will Be the Most Relevant at CES 2017

Posted : 2017-01-02

"Consumer" is the "C" in the title of the show, but so many personal devices are used in business environments that the nickname "CES" is outdated. Read More >


Microsoft Patent Puts HoloLens on Hunt for Lost Wallets, Keys

Posted : 2016-12-30

A new Microsoft patent suggests that HoloLens may soon help users suffering from bouts of absent-mindedness when they lose their wallets or phones. Read More >



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