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Google Sets Up Machine-Learning Research Lab in Europe

Posted : 2016-06-16

The new machine-learning research center will focus on turning Google's ambitions in this space to reality, the company says. Read More >


Philips LED System to Light Up Euro 2020

Posted : 2016-06-15

The world's first LED sports pitch lighting system will be installed in Holland to improve spectator and HDTV experience. Read More >


Apple Explains More B2B Development Strategy at WWDC

Posted : 2016-06-14

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple has been moving into the enterprise realm for years, and WWDC is emphasizing that strategy in much more depth than it has in the past. Read More >


Apple Opens Siri, Other Key Apps to Developers at WWDC

Posted : 2016-06-13

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple is going the way of Microsoft and opening more of its previously locked-tight applications for developers. Read More >


Larry Page Quietly Backs Pair of Flying Car Companies

Posted : 2016-06-12

Bloomberg revealed Google co-founder Larry Page to be the person behind Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, two startups in the fascinating business of flying cars. Read More >



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