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'Chirp' May Be Google's Answer to Amazon Echo: Reports

Posted : 2016-05-12

Google is working to turn OnHub into an Amazon Echo competitor, according to reports. More likely, it'll take the concept even further. Read More >


eWEEKchat May 11: Will Messaging Bots Eventually Kill Apps?

Posted : 2016-05-10

This will be a timely eWEEKchat conversation about an important use of new-gen technology in the nascent IoT age. Please join us. Read More >


Drones Will Soon Be Dropping Medicines to Save Lives in Rwanda

Posted : 2016-05-09

Drone aircraft and multicopters get their share of attention from news coverage of their use in conflicted areas of the world, especially in the Middle East, where they are used by U.S. military to take out specific targets in the fight against... Read More >


IBM Brings Quantum Computing to the Masses

Posted : 2016-05-05

IBM has taken its quantum computing technology to the cloud to enable users to run experiments on an IBM quantum processor. Read More >


Where EMC Is Investing in Storage, Cloud Innovation

Posted : 2016-05-03

Plenty of storage and cloud-related innovation is happening at EMC, despite its impending merger with Dell and what many industry observers believe. Read More >



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