Watch On Demand - from Silicon Valley, California, Top Startups Pitch Their Ideas @ IBM SmartCamp
The Search for the next IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year

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IBM SmartCamp:
Global Finals - San Francisco, CA
6, February 2014

IBM SmartCamp:
AMEA Regional - Istanbul
31 October 2013

IBM SmartCamp:
European Regional - Vienna
8 November 2013

IBM SmartCamp:
Latin America Regional - Mexico City
13 November 2013

Watch this event on demand to learn what other startups are doing and to discover more about what the IBM Global Entrepreneur program is doing for startups, and what it can do for you!

If you are an early stage startup, then this you won't want to miss this event. This is your chance to see how IBM SmartCamps can help you take advantage of mentoring opportunities, learn from thought leaders, and network with serial entrepreneurs, investment firms, academic institutions, and industry and technology experts. 

You will see several startups do fast pitches as well as get to watch a panel discussion, hear the keynote, and learn about what the IBM Global Entrepreneur program provides to startups. If you are involved with a startup that will help make the world a better place, then you'll want to watch this exclusive event! 


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