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Looking for global entrepreneurs who want to build a smarter planet.

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Learn what other startups are doing and to discover more about what the IBM Global Entrepreneur program is doing for startups, and what it can do for you!

If you are an early stage startup, then you won't want to miss these SmartCamps. This is your chance to see how IBM SmartCamps can help you take advantage of mentoring opportunities, learn from thought leaders, and network with serial entrepreneurs, investment firms, academic institutions, and industry and technology experts. 

You will see several startups do fast pitches as well as get to watch a panel discussion, hear the keynote, and learn about what the IBM Global Entrepreneur program provides to startups. If you are involved with a startup that will help make the world a better place, then you'll want to watch this exclusive event!


IBM Entrepreneur Week: Big Blue's Own Innovation Olympics
In early February, entrepreneurs, VCs and IBM execs will gather at a series of worldwide events culminating in the SmartCamp Global Finals in San Francisco.   More...

IBM Helps Startups Set Course to a Smarter Planet in Silicon Valley
With Silicon Valley as a backdrop, two IBM SmartCamp finalists, Coriell Life Sciences and OnFarm Systems, blend entrepreneurship and cloud-enabled IT to help revolutionize their respective industries.  More...

IBM Spearheads Female Entrepreneurship in Tech Movement
In the U.S. and around the globe, Big Blue is partnering with women to help them accelerate cutting-edge startups and attain leadership positions in tech.  More...

null IBM SmartCamp:
Global Finals - San Francisco, CA
6, February 2014

IBM SmartCamp European Regional - Vienna - 8 November 2013
Seven tech startups go head to head
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Latin America Regional - Mexico City - 13 November 2013
Top tech startups, one exciting pitchfest
More »

IBM SmartCamp Silicon Valley,
California - 17-19 September 2013
Six tech startups, one exciting pitchfest
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IBM SmartCamp Moscow -
17-18 June 2013
Looking for global entrepreneurs who want to build a smarter planet
More »

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