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IBM's Q2 Results Show Growth in Cloud, Cognitive

Posted : 2016-07-18

IBM sees yet another quarterly decline in the second quarter of 2016, but the company's cloud and cognitive computing efforts seem to be paying off. Read More >


England's Brexit Vote Will Ripple Through the EU Tech Market

Posted : 2016-07-17

Forrester analysts in a report say uncertainty will cause technology spending in the UK and Europe to be flat or grow weakly over the next two years. Read More >


Trump Would be a 'Disaster for Innovation,' Tech Leaders Say

Posted : 2016-07-15

Ev Williams, Steve Wozniak and a who’s who of tech leaders signed an open letter, sharing concerns about the impact Trump could have on innovation. Read More >


Microsoft Tackles IT Skills Gap With Online Learning Program

Posted : 2016-07-14

Beginning with data science, the software giant aims to help close the IT skills gap with its new Microsoft Professional Degree program. Read More >


Microsoft Recruiter's Email Sparks Social Media Firestorm

Posted : 2016-07-08

Microsoft's latest attempt to connect with millennials fell flat. Social media's reaction to a Microsoft recruiter's slang-filled email was swift and brutal. Read More >

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