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Key Service Attributes That Can Make or Break a Cloud Solution

Posted : 2014-09-19

Having a dependable cloud service or services is becoming increasingly strategic in running a successful 21st-century business. More companies are counting on cloud services for various aspects of their day-to-day business functions, such as... Read More >


Ellison Steps Down as Oracle CEO, but Management Team Stays

Posted : 2014-09-18

The all-purpose IT vendor reported that its fiscal 2015 Q1 total revenues were up 3 percent; net income was unchanged at $2.2 billion over Q1 2014. Read More >


10 Ways to Hire Top-Notch DevOps Engineers

Posted : 2014-09-18

Great hiring is the foundation of a strong DevOps culture. Automation, tooling and cheap access to computing resources have greatly empowered individual engineers on the operations and software development sides of the tech industry. Never before... Read More >


RightCare, Emmi Partner on RightCall Patient Engagement Tool

Posted : 2014-09-18

RightCare will offer Emmi’s interactive technology alongside its solution, adding patient engagement and post-discharge outreach capabilities. Read More >


Cloudian Joins Hot Market With New Storage Appliances

Posted : 2014-09-17

HyperStore appliances are designed to deploy full-featured, highly scalable Amazon S3-compliant storage to go with on-site storage. Read More >

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