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10 Reasons Why Enterprise Software Doesn't Meet Employee Expectations

Posted : 2016-08-01

Getting employees to use enterprise software—and not shadow IT—has been a constant uphill battle for CIOs and IT departments. Why? Because enterprise software can be complex, difficult to use and difficult to access and, quite simply, it... Read More >


Dell Study Finds Business, IT Leaders More in Step on Tech Spending

Posted : 2016-08-01

The business and IT sides of any company haven't always been on the same page. Often, the IT side has wanted to move forward on a project only to discover that it doesn't have buy-in from corporate business decision-makers. IT leaders also might... Read More >


Unisys Continues Turnaround With Strong Q2 Technology Results

Posted : 2016-07-26

Unisys reported its second-quarter results, showing a revenue increase in its technology segment of nearly 31 percent and an increase in profit margin. Read More >


Green Grid Publishes New Data Center Power/Cooling Metric

Posted : 2016-07-20

New standard combines three key metrics—PUE ratio, IT Thermal Conformance and IT Thermal Resilience—to supply needed real-time visibility into data centers. Read More >


IBM Adds 30,000 New Jobs This Year

Posted : 2016-07-19

In an email to employees, IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty says Big Blue has hired more than 30,000 new employees this year. Read More >

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