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SAP SuccessFactors to Address Workplace Bias, Gender Diversity

Posted : 2016-05-20

SAP is applying tech innovation to the areas of business that have long been human run—and so have been biased, sexist and exclusionary, even if it's unintentional. Read More >


Nexsan, EMC Leaning to Litigation Over Unity Brand Name

Posted : 2016-05-13

EMC contends it has been using the brand name Unity for more than a year, but Nexsan filed the copyright papers for the name first. Read More >


UK Government: We 'Must Help' Workforce Retrain as Businesses Digitize

Posted : 2016-05-11

Minister for the Cabinet Office Matthew Hancock says digitization and automation can help economy, but recognizes need to help people make transition. Read More >


What's Really Happening Inside the Dell, EMC Merger

Posted : 2016-05-08

NEWS ANALYSIS: As the merger chugs to its conclusion, employees fret for their jobs, China is causing ire and a lot of corporate wrinkles need to be ironed out. Read More >


Yoky Matsuoka Joining Apple Health Team: Report

Posted : 2016-05-04

Apple has reportedly hired Yoky Matsuoka, an award-winning neuroroboticist who contributed to Google X and Nest, to join its health care team. Read More >

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