Oct. 1 Hangout Analyzes New Tech Beyond Cloud and Mobile

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Oct. 1, 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time: QuinStreet IT journalists discuss new research about how decision makers are navigating the rapidly changing tech landscape. 

New research from QuinStreet Enterprise reflects key trends in the enterprise, now that cloud and mobile have become mainstream. The research, which reveals the thinking of both business and IT leaders, found that the focus is now moving to so-called "smart" technologies. This includes both enterprise and consumer IT products and services. We'll talk about the five most important elements in new-gen IT: intelligence/analytics, usability, scalability, automation and security. Without each of these, a new app is a goner. The IoT will be an important topic, too.

In our Oct. 1 video roundtable, a panel of experienced QuinStreet journalists, including eWEEK's Chris Preimesberger, will focus on enterprise IT's leading trends. Join us; you may learn valuable new information.

Ann All, Managing Editor, eSecurityPlanet and Enterprise Apps Today

Sean Michael Kerner, Senior Editor, eWeek and InternetNews
Eileen Feretic, Editor in Chief, Baseline and CIO Insight

Chris Preimesberger, Editor of Features and Analysis, eWeek

Kachina Shaw, Managing Editor, ITBusinessEdge

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