Microsoft Certifications You Need to Know

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Microsoft Certifications You Need to Know

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

This credential, part of the Technology Specialist Series, lets the bearer target specific technologies such as SQL Server. It suggests an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the technology in question.

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Microsoft Certified IT Professional

This credential, one of two in the Professional or Job Role Series, indicates the bearer has a comprehensive set of skills. For example, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional/Database Administrator on SQL 2008 would be able to implement a companys SQL Server 2008 database infrastructure.

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Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

This other credential in the Professional or Job Role series essentially validates mastery of Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework. It requires two to three years experience in developing solutions that employ those platforms.

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Masters Certifications

People with these certifications (mostly experienced consultants who build or troubleshoot solutions built using a certain technology) are regarded as those with the deepest technical skills on a particular Microsoft product. There are five Microsoft Certified Master Certifications: for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2: Directory.

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Microsoft Certified Architect

This certification belongs to what a Microsoft spokesperson termed "top industry experts in IT infrastructure," professionals with a minimum of a decades advanced experience, along with strong technical and managerial skills. This credential involves passing a review board of previously certified architects.??í

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For Those Starting Out

For those who want an IT career centered on Microsoft technologies, the company recommends learning about the skills those jobs would require, then answering a short questionnaire on the Microsoft Website in order to determine a career path. Then get those skills certified.

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For the IT Pros

Microsoft recommends experienced IT pros take this questionnaire on its Website in order to "determine what kind of career move they might want to make." And of course, it also recommends working ones way up the certification ladder.

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