Robert Half Report Lists the Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

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Robert Half Report Lists the Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

The Robert Half human resources consulting firm has released a technology salary guide that lists the IT jobs that will see significant salary growth in 2017.

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A Nice Bump for Network Engineers

Network engineers are expected to get a nice jump in salary next year, according to Robert Half. Average salaries will range from $99,000 to $146,250, a 4.5 percent jump compared to 2016 salary figures.

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Software Engineers Are Still Doing Well

Software engineers similarly will benefit from growth in salary next year. Those professionals should expect to get a 5.2 percent salary hike, bringing their average salary in 2017 to a range of $108,250 to $164,500.

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Data Security Analysts Will See Solid Growth

Data security analysts will be among the highest-paid IT professionals next year, with a salary range of $118,250 to $169,000. Those rates will be up 5 percent compared to 2016. Data security analysts are the second highest-paid profession.

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Database Developers Soar

Companies are seeing some value in database developers, according to Robert Half. Those who work for companies as database developers should see their salaries rise 5.1 percent year over year. Their salary range will run from $108,000 to $161,500.

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Growth in Software Developer Salaries

Software developers, including those who make platforms for desktops, servers and mobile devices, will see their salaries grow by 5 percent in 2017. At the low end, software developers can expect to be paid $93,000. At the high end, software developer salaries will land at $155,000.

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More Money for Web Designers

Web designers, including those with expertise in HTML, PHP and WordPress, among others, will see their salaries soar by 5.2 percent year over year in 2017. However, they’re still among the lowest-paid professionals, with a salary range of $70,500 to $118,000.

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Companies Want to Secure the Network

Network security administrators will make a solid living in 2017, as salaries jump by 5.1 percent year over year, according to Robert Half. Salaries at the low end will hover at around $107,750. At the top of the range, network security administrators can expect to make $155,250.

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Network Security Engineers Are Important

Companies are willing to dole out serious cash for network security engineers. In 2017, network security engineers will enjoy a salary increase of 5.7 percent. Their salary levels will range from $115,500 to $162,500 in 2017, according to Robert Half.

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Big Data Engineers Command Hefty Salaries

It pays to be a big data engineer. Not only will salaries soar in 2017, rising 5.8 percent year over year, but they’ll also generate more income than anyone else in this roundup. Big data engineers at the lower end will make $135,000 next year. At the top of the scale, big data engineers can expect to make $196,000.

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Data Scientist Salaries to See the Strongest Growth

Robert Half rounds out its survey with data scientists, who are expected to make between $116,000 and $163,5000 next year. This group will see the strongest salary growth: According to the report, data scientist salaries will grow by 6.4 percent in 2017.

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