Weird Interview Questions Leave IT Job Hunters Scratching Their Heads

By Corinne Bernstein  |  Posted 2013-01-18 Print this article Print
Don't Have a Cow

Don't Have a Cow

The question from Google to a local quality evaluator candidate was, "How many cows are in Canada?" You can't type this question into Google or any other search engine during an interview, but it does make you think and could lead to lively discussion.


Anyone who has ever looked for a job has a story about quirky interview questions and potentially embarrassing answers. Often interviewers lob these zingers at unsuspecting job candidates to test their problem-solving prowess, technical knowledge, integrity, diplomatic skills, work habits, sense of humor, skill at giving and following directions, and—perhaps most important—their ability to remain calm and confident even when under fire. "Companies often ask these questions to get a better sense of your critical-thinking skills and how well you think on your feet because they are looking for someone that is a better fit for their team, culturally," Amanda Lachapelle, HR director for Glassdoor, wrote in an email. What's the best way to answer a curveball-type question? "The two worst things you can do when answering an oddball interview question is say 'I don't know' or give a one-word answer," Lachapelle said. Glassdoor, an online job and career community, published a list of top oddball interview questions for 2013. From the list, which covered various companies in different industries, eWEEK chose questions from interviews for IT and other tech-related jobs.


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