Through Data and DevOps, IT Emerges as Crucial to Competition

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Through Data and DevOps, IT Emerges as Crucial to Competition

Companies that are considered the most advanced in their tech transformations are far likelier to view IT as a key, competitive differentiator, according to a recent survey from Dell EMC and Intel. They’re also more inclined to involve the tech department “at the outset” of major business decisions. The findings lend other insights about IT’s impact by comparing organizations that are “transformed” to those that lag behind. Companies were categorized according to their responses to questions about their adoption of automation, DevOps, software-defined data centers and other technologies. An estimated 4,000 global IT decision-makers took part in the research. This slide show presents highlights from the survey, with charts provided courtesy of Dell EMC.

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'Transformed' Organizations Are Well-Positioned for Business Success

More than nine of 10 respondents at organizations considered “transformed” in their IT deployments and strategies said their company is in a strong position to compete and succeed in its market. But only 35 percent of those at less mature, “legacy” companies made this statement.

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Mature IT Deployment Accelerates Product/Services Delivery

Two-thirds of respondents at transformed companies said their business is “significantly” ahead of their competition in developing and launching new products and services. In contrast, just 3 percent of those at legacy companies make this claim.

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Tech Department Brings Competitive Edge

More than three of 10 respondents at transformed organizations said IT department is viewed as a competitive differentiator. Just 6 percent of those at legacy companies said this.

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IT Involvement Provides Strategic Boost

Three of five respondents at transformed companies said their IT department is involved “at the outset” (including strategic development) of major business decisions. Only 9 percent of those at legacy companies made the same claim.

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Data Leads to 'Better, Faster' Decisions

More than seven of 10 respondents at transformed businesses said they “almost always” use data to make better, faster decisions than their competition. However, only 4 percent of those at legacy organizations can do this.

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Innovation Tops Budgeting Priorities

Transformed organizations allocate, on average, 47 percent of their IT budget to new projects. But legacy companies allocate just 30 percent of their tech spend to new projects.

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Critical Apps Create Cost Gap

Transformed organizations spend, on average, about $1.08 million per business-critical application. Legacy companies spend considerably more—nearly $2.88 million.

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DevOps Adoption Goes Mainstream

Overall, 55 percent of respondents assess their adoption of DevOps as either “extensive” or “good.” Only 14 percent describe it as “limited” or non-existent.

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Automation of IT Infrastructure Tasks Is Well Underway

Three of five respondents said their organization is making “excellent” or “good” progress in automating IT infrastructure provisioning, configuration and change management. Just 4 percent said they have made “little” or no progress.

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High Buy-In for Software-Defined Data Centers

Dell EMC reports that 55 percent of respondents said their company is committed to software-defined data center technology as a long-term strategy, and has either already started to implement it or is currently evaluating and/or planning to do so. In contrast, only 11 percent said their organization has no interest in this technology.

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