Unisys Takes 'Stealth' Approach to Comeback Trail

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2016-02-23 Print this article Print
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In January, Unisys announced it was providing  enterprises with its Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation security solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, available for customers to acquire and deploy from the AWS Marketplace.

“AWS is all in with our recent work with Unisys on Stealth for AWS, and how Unisys is making it easy for government and enterprise customers to try and buy cloud solutions with the Stealth test drive and their range of offerings in the AWS Marketplace,” said Max Peterson, general manager of partners, capture and contracts at AWS Worldwide Public Sector. “Their focus on security, the cloud, and advanced data analytics illustrates a readiness to help their customers efficiently and effectively take advantage of the latest innovations in technology.”

Altabef calls this big news for Unisys because he said he believes one of the biggest challenges of IT services companies – as well as many companies in general – is how to deal with the phenomenon of the public cloud and sensitive data.

“So a major emphasis of ours is to develop a powerful solution that is at the intersection of security and cloud,” Altabef said, noting that Stealth is a pure software play which does not require an appliance and thus can be migrated to work seamlessly on public cloud platforms.

“AWS was the big announcement recently. But we actually can take clients’ workloads that are in their data centers or our data centers and expand those workloads seamlessly into AWS’ public cloud,” he said.

“We can continue to have VM to VM encryption, continue to have a cloaking environment where bad guys can try to ping servers and they will find nothing but air and space. And we have a remarkable nano-micro-segmentation approach to security. So anything that adds that level of security to a cloud environment is a disruptor in a sense that it’s a way to actually get our work into the public cloud and our clients’ work into the public cloud on an enterprise basis in a very powerful, secure way.”

So, while Unisys is placing a heightened emphasis on security, and Stealth represents cutting-edge innovation, the company has a long-established track record of providing advanced security solutions to governments and companies worldwide.

“We had to choose where we were going to double down. And one of those choices was security,” Altabef said. “And we have massively increased our investments in our security products over the last year. That culminated recently in the announcement around Stealth.”

Altabef also told eWEEK Unisys has created a mobile version of Stealth. “It’s early days, but there is not a technology reason why we cannot see a future where Stealth type capabilities are included in mobile handsets, for instance,” he said.

Competition and Legacy

Meanwhile, part of any comeback story is the capability to claim some market share from the competition. Altabef said in the technology space, IBM appears to be Unisys' most frequent head-to-head competitor. Yet, on services it’s a diverse field, including Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, CSC, and HPE.

 For his part, Altabef is all about managing Unisys and setting it up for growth and longevity. The company has been here for years and his mark would be to play a part in extending that history. Asked what he would hope his legacy at Unisys would be, Altabef said: “I’m not somebody who is trying to create a legacy. I’m there trying to make this company better every single day. But it is important to me that this company that is so meaningful in the history of technology and the history of computing becomes top of mind again. I think a lot of people understand the Unisys trademark, a lot of people think highly of that trademark, but not a lot of people know exactly what we do. And I think if people understand that Unisys is this leading provider of technology solutions and software with this core specialty around security, that’s got to be pretty good stuff. And I think the company would be very proud that it establishes that kind of re-imagining of what has been a very powerful name and presence in the business.”



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