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Amazon to Get More Competition as Walmart, Google Link Up

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brick and mortar stores have had a hard time keeping up with Amazon, but now an alliance between the biggest may give the e-commerce giant a run for its money.
Financial data

Stumbling Blocks That Keep Firms From Fully Utilizing Financial Data SLIDESHOW

Here are seven key roadblocks that are keeping companies from most effectively using the power of financial data.

Skytap Banks $45 Million VC to Move Legacy Apps to Cloud

Moving apps that work well for organizations in data centers but haven't been retrofitted to work in cloud deployments is a common inhibitor for an enterprise moving to a cloud-based environment.

Dreamhost Crowd-Funding Legal Action Against DOJ

NEWS ANALYSIS: The hosting company is opposing a demand from the Department of Justice to turn over every piece of information about every visitor to a political action website.

KPMG Survey of CEOs Shows Serious Issues with Digital Transformations

Survey of 400 CEOs uncovers some significant findings for new-gen usage of data and analytics, including the fact that half of them said they are concerned about the integrity of the data upon which they are basing their decisions.
Uber Leadership

VC Firm Benchmark Capital Sues to Oust Kalanick From Uber's Board

NEWS ANALYSIS: Major Uber investor Benchmark Capital claims it was defrauded by former CEO Travis Kalanick in a board organization vote and sues to remove him from the board.

Kaseya Improves Automation, Visualization for Network Monitoring

The latest version of the network monitoring package features automated, real-time insights into the performance of hybrid IT infrastructures and distributed data centers.
Diversity Debate Rages

Google Engineer's Firing Sparks Heated Political Debate on Diversity

Google's firing of software engineer James Damore has inspired many reactions across the political spectrum including a New York Times columnist's call for company CEO Sundar Pichai to resign. .
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 10, 2017

Google Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens Lawsuit VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: An engineer fired over his diversity "manifesto" threatens to sue Google; the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active smartphone will be available at AT&T on Aug. 11; Intel readies Core-X desktop chips aimed at gamers and content creators; and there's more.
Google Diversity Issue

Fired Google Engineer Clearly Knows Little About Women in Technology

NEWS ANALYSIS: A Google engineer’s assertion that women aren’t suited for jobs in the technology industry because of biological differences is contrary to the evidence, aside from being patently offensive.
Google Engineer Termination

Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens to Sue Google

Former Google Engineer James Damore says he intends to sue because he was wrongfully terminated for circulating a 10-page member that he said was intended to spur honest discussion about the gender gap in technology and leadership roles.
Buy software

How to Identify and Prevent Overspending on Cloud Software SLIDESHOW

Cloud software is an unavoidable but manageable expense. Here's how to ensure resources are allocated and utilized efficiently.

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