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Technologists Say Trump Cybersecurity Executive Order Only a ‘Plan of a Plan’

Security industry experts call the EO straightforward but lacking in substance, with unrealistic deadlines for reviews and few proactive initiatives.

Microsoft Has Google to Thank for Finding Major Zero-Day Vulnerability

NEWS ANALYSIS: A new vulnerability allows malware to subvert the operations of Microsoft’s security software on most current systems.
Daily Tech Briefing May 10

Facebook Continues Its Fight to Eliminate Fake News VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Facebook takes on fake news in advance of UK elections; Dell EMC continues its push toward its Open Networking portfolio; for the third time, Google, Facebook and Twitter are accused of materially aiding terror groups; and there's more.
Predictive analytics

7 Business Sectors Most Ripe for Disruption Through Data Analytics SLIDESHOW

eWEEK looks at the industrial sectors that could be most heavily impacted by predictive analytics applications and the internet of things in the next couple of years.

Facebook Takes On Fake News in Advance of UK Elections

NEWS ANALYSIS: The social network has announced a suite of new tools, some of which it’s discussing with voters and news media in the UK.

Angie's List Online Contractor Directory Merges With HomeAdvisor

The combined business, which will maintain both Angie's List and HomeAdvisor brands, plans to scale up big time to match more homeowners with service professionals in the $400 billion domestic home services market.

Dell EMC Preparing to Launch Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

It’s all about standardizing on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem with its automated IT service delivery for both traditional and cloud-native applications.

Looking for an IT Job? Infosys May Be Looking for You

The first innovation center will open in Indiana in August and is expected to become the work location for 2,000 employees by 2021.
Data Center Cooling

Google Criticized for Requesting More Groundwater to Cool Data Center

Google says its own studies show that pumping 1.5 million gallons a day from an aquifer to cool its Mount Pleasant, S.C. data center will have no adverse effects on local groundwater supplies.

Cook Blames 'Pause in iPhone Sales' for $1B Drop in Apple Q2 Revenue

The world's richest and most successful IT hardware company has seen its smartphone, PC and tablet sales go flat in the first three months of 2017.

Intel Stock Takes Hit for Lower Sales of Data Center Chips

Overall revenue was flat, but Intel's income in its key data center group segment--a key part of the company's future strategy--was below Wall Street projections.
1088_WomenWorkCompanies's Top 10 IT Companies for Women to Work For in 2017 SLIDESHOW

Which IT companies are the best places for women to work? Based on ratings from female employees, provides a list of the top 10 technology companies for women.

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