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Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 10, 2017

Google Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens Lawsuit VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: An engineer fired over his diversity "manifesto" threatens to sue Google; the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active smartphone will be available at AT&T on Aug. 11; Intel readies Core-X desktop chips aimed at gamers and content creators; and there's more.
Google Diversity Issue

Fired Google Engineer Clearly Knows Little About Women in Technology

NEWS ANALYSIS: A Google engineer’s assertion that women aren’t suited for jobs in the technology industry because of biological differences is contrary to the evidence, aside from being patently offensive.
Google Engineer Termination

Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens to Sue Google

Former Google Engineer James Damore says he intends to sue because he was wrongfully terminated for circulating a 10-page member that he said was intended to spur honest discussion about the gender gap in technology and leadership roles.
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How to Identify and Prevent Overspending on Cloud Software SLIDESHOW

Cloud software is an unavoidable but manageable expense. Here's how to ensure resources are allocated and utilized efficiently.
10 Chatbots Getting Ready to Assist You on Facebook Messenger

Facebook AI Experiment Shutdown Holds Lessons for IT Industry

NEWS ANALYSIS: When Facebook shut down an artificial intelligence process because it had created its own language that was unintelligible to humans, the reasons were more mundane than it first appeared.

Apache Kafka Survey Reveals Growing Importance of Streaming Data

Unlike traditional enterprise messaging software, Kafka is able to handle all the data flowing through a company, and do it in near real time. This is desperately needed as data volumes skyrocket.

After 12 Years of Waiting, Birst Obtains Data Management Patents

Entering its third month as a new acquisition of Infor, the company said the patents will further enable smarter and more efficient preparation, discovery and visualization of data.

A Gift for SysAdmin Day: Tips to Make Your Lives Easier SLIDESHOW

July 28 is SysAdmin Day, a day to honor system administrators. Here are seven tips to make a sysadmin's job easier and keep their clients happy.

IBM Going Full Throttle in Its Evolution to Cloud Platforms

NEWS ANALYSIS: The key investment for IBM at this time is in cloud platforms and data centers, and the company is going all in for staying ahead of the IT curve.

IBM Reports 21st Straight Quarter of Diminishing Revenue

Overall revenue in Q1 2017 was down 4 percent and totaled $19.29 billion, coming in shy of the $19.46 billion projected by Thomson Reuters analysts.
Biz leaders

10 Ways IT Leaders Can Bring Business Value to Their Enterprise SLIDESHOW

IT leaders are more often being tasked with not just back-end IT but also front-end strategy. Here is how they can ensure their departments are driving value to their business.
Clean data 2

Why Future-Proofing Your Content Makes Good Business Sense SLIDESHOW

Your content should be optimized so it's accessible, searchable and findable. That means it needs to be converted to a structured digital format. Here’s how.

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