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Despite Cloud, IT Infrastructure Hardware Spending Was Up in 2017

Public cloud services continue fast growth, but spending on servers, routers, switches and other hardware is also going up. Cisco Systems and HPE remain the dominant vendors.

Value of Data Center M&A Deals Jumped to $20 Billion in 2017

The largest transaction in the year was Digital Realty’s $7.6 billion acquisition of DuPont Fabros, but there were four other deals that were valued at $1 billion or more.
LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Expands Job Seeker Toolkit Ahead of the New Year

Looking for a new job early in the New Year? Recent LinkedIn updates help users explore and prepare for a job move or getting ahead in their current role.

Predictions 2018: Internet of Things Will Expand as Threat Vector

Millions of unsecure, Internet-enabled devices provide new threat surfaces that security operations experts will have to defend.

Recognizing the Most Common DDoS Attack Vectors in an IT System

In 2018, we can expect that these attacks are only going to become more frequent and intense. Operations security (OPSEC) specialists in the know are putting this type of breach at or near the top of their priority lists.

Predictions 2018: Random Thoughts on AI, DevOps and Other Topics

In doing this series, we’re reflecting the knowledge and depth of field that our readers have in sectors all over the IT business. These are your stories, not ours.
Uber Letter Allegations

Former Executive's Letter Claims Uber Hacked and Spied on Competition

A letter sent from a lawyer for former Uber executive Richard Jacobs to the company’s corporate counsel presents a long list of alleged criminal acts, foreign and domestic.

IT Science Case Study: How Chef Cooked Up Better Security

Chef is an innovative, fast-moving company that is driven by speed to market using a DevOps approach to engineering. It needed a better security system, and it found one.

Predictions 2018: Why Serverless Processing May Be Wave of the Future

Amazon's AWS Lambda is the biggest and best-known example of serverless computing, whose days ahead are enticing to more than a few IT managers.

IT Pros to Seek New Jobs in 2018 in Search of Pay Hikes, Training SLIDESHOW

With plenty of jobs to be had in 2018, IT specialists, particularly Millennials, will seek out new positions in search of higher salaries, professional growth and training opportunities.

Predictions 2018: Automation Will Dominate Network Innovation

As the internet gets increasingly more fragile, automation--as it is in most other IT categories--becomes a big factor in making it run more efficiently. Cisco Systems will be deploying its new intent-based networking (IBN) approach.

Why IT Hardware Firms Are Shifting to Software-Based Revenue Models

Nearly all (94 percent) device makers have invested in software development in the past five years, and 88 percent believe the internet of things is driving growth within the manufacturing industry.

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