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ManageEngine: Product Overview and Insight

With a portfolio of more than 90 products and free tools purpose-built for inherent integration, ManageEngine has penetrated a highly consolidated market by offering innovative and affordable IT management solutions for businesses.
Daily Tech Briefing July 5, 2018

California's New Data Privacy Law to Impact Rest of US VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Why California's data privacy law promises chaos by 2020, and MongoDB launches a bevy of new features for its NoSQL platform.

Delphix Updates DataOps Platform for AWS, NetBackup, Jenkins

DevOps, DataOps and Data Pods are all contained in Delphix’s Dynamic Data Platform, the data management package it launched a year ago that offers users the ability to virtualize, manage and secure data with a centralized controller.

How Enterprises Should Choose a Colocation Provider

In addition to enabling enterprises to select their own hardware and software, colocation facilities help enterprises save on the cost of owning the space to house their own data center and allow them to adhere to security and governance regulations.

Why California Data Privacy Law Promises Chaos by 2020

NEWS ANALYSIS: The new privacy law passed in California after a brief consideration and little preparation is likely to be a harbinger for more privacy laws throughout the U.S.

Federal Government Begins Work on T-Mobile–Sprint Merger

REGULATORY ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission forms a task force while the Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on the plans by T-Mobile and Sprint, the nation’s third and fourth wireless carriers to merge.

How The Trade Desk Uses AI to Find 'Perfect' Impressions for Advertisers

Data-driven insights and new-gen features ostensibly can deliver better planning, smarter buying and stronger performance for brands and agencies.

'I Quit' … How Slow, Outdated IT Encourages Employee Exoduses SLIDESHOW

Fed up with a lack of functional, integrated and mobile-friendly tech at work, a notable number of professionals are ready to seek greener pastures—with a new employer.

How App Failures and Ho-Hum Digital Experiences Hurt Business SLIDESHOW

With their key tech services and apps failing routinely, organizations realize that they need to invest in a better digital experience for users and customers—or face grave outcomes that will hurt their ability to compete.

Why Proposed EU Copyright Law May Cause Chaos

NEWS ANALYSIS: New legislation controlling European copyrights places requirements on internet services that may add significant complexity in how information is presented everywhere.

How CIOs, CFOs Can Better Manage IT Spending Together

MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS: The realities of who’s driving decision-making for IT and who’s handling the finance numbers can get in the way of each other, because objectives can fundamentally conflict.

What You Should Know Before Deploying SQL Server in a Public Cloud

Among the concerns is the increased risk and complexity associated with running SQL Server in any public cloud, where high-availability (HA) clustering configurations can be challenging to implement—and can increase the overall cost of the solution.

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