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New Real-Time Stream Processing Platform Powers Live Data Apps

Release of dA Platform with open source Apache Flink enables enterprises to process, analyze and react to massive quantities of data instantaneously. It moves a little quicker than Hadoop and other systems.

IT Science Use Case: Upgrading a Major Airport’s Data Center to HCI

Pivot3 was a major contributor to Charleston (S.C.) International Airport's recent $200 million upgrade project: the Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program.

SugarCRM Embeds More Data Privacy Controls for GDPR Compliance

New features within the company’s cloud, relationship management, and relationship intelligence offerings aimed to help companies implement best practices for GDPR.

Walmart Outbids Amazon to Acquire India's Flipkart for $16 Billion

This is the largest acquisition Walmart has made to date; it bought European supermarket chain Asda Group PLC for about $10.8 billion in 1999.
Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst

Red Hat CEO Discusses the Future of Business Planning

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst believes that in today's agile world, traditional enterprise planning is dead and there is a need to take a new approach.

Capgemini Survey Finds Enterprises Reaping Profits From IT Automation SLIDESHOW

Adoption of IT automation is dividing businesses today into the haves and have nots, with the latter missing out on improved agility, product delivery, customer experiences – and profits.

Networking Monitor Savvius Improves Visibility into Network Apps

Integrated network and application awareness platform gives admins focused on network continuity real-time visibility into 24/7 business data movement.

Poor Data Sharing, Outdated IT Leads to Costly ‘Digital Downtime’ SLIDESHOW

Outdated IT equipment and software along with an inability to efficiently track down and share digital information cause companies to waste thousands of dollars a year per employee.

EPAM Platform Now Uses ML to Find Data Anomalies

The addition of machine learning through neural networks significantly improves the fidelity of the information over time, allowing users to find hidden patterns, trends and anomalies in business data.
Digital Transformation Path

Dell Practices What It Preaches About Digital Transformation

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell’s Merger With EMC in 2016 required the combined company to carry out its own digital transformation program to create a unified omni-channel customer experience with technology and expertise it now shares with clients.

Neo4j Adds Visualization Tool to Its Graph Database

Among the Neo4j 3.4 database enhancements are horizontal scaling, 3D geospatial search, performance improvements of more than 50 percent and numerous operational improvements.

Zuckerberg Pokes Fun at Himself, Touts New Apps at F8

Facebook CEO introduces several new functions, including a dating app, one that allows a group to share watching videos in real time, and new ways natural language processing and artificial intelligence will be used in future apps.

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