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How IBM Plans to Serve the 'Making Better Decisions' Business Market

NEWS ANALYSIS: 'Cognitive to the Core' is an appropos unifying line for a massive company with 375,000 full-time employees scattered all over the world.

How IBM is Making Watson Available to Manage User Devices

One recent study pointed out that half (49 percent) of information workers use at least three devices for work on a weekly basis. Enterprises are finding out that more control is needed in this area.
Security Career Path

Women’s Progress in Cyber-Security Stalled Over Past Two Years: Survey

A survey shows that women's participation in the cyber-security industry has leveled off at 11 percent, much lower than their overall participation in the global workforce.

Zuora Adds 30 More Applications to Cloud Business Suite

The Connect marketplace now totals about 100 apps created specifically for subscription businesses, including quoting, financial operations, data ingestion, e-signatures and ERP integrations.
Hacker Breach

Third-Party Twitter App Hacked by Turkish Activists to Post Messages

Attackers allegedly breach Twitter Counter, enabling them to post unauthorized messages on Twitter accounts around the world.
Data center management

A 2017 Strategy Playbook for Data Center Managers SLIDESHOW

Is your data center really ready to handle huge amounts of traffic? Check out which plays to deploy and which to avoid when managing a data center.

ISACA Survey Finds Women Still Struggle for Equality in IT Industry SLIDESHOW

Women in the IT industry are still struggling to achieve equality in hiring, promotion and compensation according to a new study from ISACA, an organization for IT professionals in cyber-security and IT governance.
Amazon Web Services

Single Typo in a Server Command Brought Down AWS's S3

The problems Feb. 28 caused more than 150,000 websites and apps to become unavailable, while others indicated broken links and images.

Eight IT Trends Already Shaping Global Business in 2017 SLIDESHOW

It's still early in the year, but we can already identify some of the IT trends that are shaping global business in 2017. They fall mainly into development, security and operations, and what's important is how each of these works together with the others. These trends are reshaping how businesses...

AWS's S3 Facility Hit by Outage, Many Services Disrupted

Widespread service interruption takes down much of the company's S3 storage and a long list of services with it for several hours.
polarity logo

Polarity Aims to Improve Security with Computer Vision

Security firm raises $3.5 million in its first round of funding, as it builds out human memory augmentation technology to help assist organizations understand security events.

HPE Says Global 'Headwinds' Causing Revenue Decline

Global market challenges could last three to four quarters, CEO Meg Whitman said.

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