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Labor Google Lawsuit 2

Labor Department Sues Google Demanding More Detailed Employee Data

The U.S Department of Labor is suing Google to obtain more detailed employee compensation data, but the Web giant says the agency's demand is too broad and would reveal personal information.  

IT Policies New U.S. Administration Should Consider in 2017

There are still plenty of opportunities for the U.S. to remain an innovation leader, but the government and private sector have to see eye-to-eye on more things.

What the Wikibon Community Expects for IT in 2017

The current period of digital transformation needs to be understood not in terms of management problems, but in simple prescriptions.

South Korea Fines Qualcomm $853M for Antitrust Violations

Korea Fair Trade Commission charges that Qualcomm unfairly limited the access of competing chipset makers to its patents, among other unfair business practices.
How Gen Z Could Use Technology as a Catalyst to Change the Workforce

How Gen Z Could Use Technology as a Catalyst to Change the Workforce SLIDESHOW

When companies perform studies about the future of technology use in the business world, often they focus on the millennials, a generation of people currently between the ages of 21 and 35. However, there’s a new group—Generation Z—that technology designers and social scientists alike need...
Google Renewable Power 2

Google's Renewable Energy Purchases to Match Total Office Consumption

Google says that sometime in 2017 it's renewable energy purchases will equal all the power it consumes to run its data centers and offices worldwide.

SCOTUS Trims Restitution for Apple in Samsung Copyright Case

Attorneys for Samsung have likened the case to making an automaker turn over the full profits for a car, for infringing on cup holder design.
IT Budgeting Decisions 2

IT Leaders Still Face Pressure to Invest Wisely to Support Business

NEWS ANALYSIS: IT executives remain under pressure to invest in computer systems that deliver the best business outcomes, even with tighter technology budgets.

Qumulo Adds New CEO to Go with New Functionality for HPE

Former Isilon CEO Bill Richter replaces co-founder Peter Godman, who served as CEO for a while and now slides over to the chief technical officer job.
Robert Half Report Lists the Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

Robert Half Report Lists the Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017 SLIDESHOW

The future looks bright for IT professionals, according to new data from the Robert Half human resources consulting firm. The company has released a new survey, the Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, that provides employers with guidance on how much they should be paying some of the top IT...

Intel Shakes Up Management, Creates New Auto-Tech Team

Chipmaker has completed a major reorganization of its management structure in order to create a new division it calls the Automated Driving Group.

Facebook Says It Hasn't Yet Decided How to Deal with China

Reportedly, a new tool censoring news based on location was created to help Facebook get into China, but it could be an experiment that may never be used.

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