10 Mobile Devices Likely to Get Major Upgrades in 2018

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10 Mobile Devices Likely to Get Major Upgrades in 2018

In the technology industry, nothing remains static. The day after companies make big announcements and release new devices, both they and their customers are looking ahead to what’s next. With the start of 2018 people are keeping an eye on Apple, Samsung, LG and other companies to see what kinds of products they might release in the coming months. Of course, the companies themselves aren’t talking. But the rumor mill is already churning out a variety of reports about what smartphones and tablets will get big upgrades this year. The slide show will focus on what we could see in devices upgrades launching in 2018.  

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An iPhone X Upgrade In in the Works

Apple is said to be working on an iPhone X upgrade l that will includes a faster processor, improved Face ID biometric security and some enhancements to its augmented reality capabilities. However the smartphone will retain the 5.8-inch screen in the original iPhone X.

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Reports Say Apple to Introduce New iPhone Models

Apple won’t stop at an iPhone X update. The company is rumored to be working on at least two other new iPhone models. One of those could be similar to the iPhone X in design and functionality but offer a larger screen that could exceed six inches. The third model will likely have a metal case with a more traditional design in a bid to appeal to budget shoppers.

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Will Samsung Finally Introduce a Foldable Smartphone?

Samsung has confirmed that it’s working on a smartphone that would be outfitted with a foldable display. That device, known as the Galaxy X, has been in the works for years but has yet to make its debut. Now reports say that it’ll be unveiled at CES in early January and could hit store shelves soon after.

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Look for a New LG Phone at Mobile World Congress

Not much is known about LG’s future smartphone plans other than that it has them. According to reports, LG will deliver a new high-end smartphone at Mobile World Congress in February called the LG G7. It will likely be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 instead of the Snapdragon 845, but should offer several design upgrades, including a slimmed-down bezel. Look for the G7 to hit store shelves in March.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Likely to Arrive in February

All signs are pointing to Samsung unveiling the Galaxy S9 in late-February. The smartphone will reported come with a slightly modified design and have just one rear camera. Samsung is believed to have plans to keep the physical fingerprint sensor but improve its face scanner. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will likely be the first smartphone to run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor.

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Samsung to Double Down With Galaxy S9+

The Galaxy S9+ is also rumored to be in the works. The Galaxy S9+ will likely come with a screen size larger than six inches and have the same design as the smaller Galaxy S9. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 will also be running inside. The biggest difference, according to reports, is that Samsung is planning a dual-lens camera for the Galaxy S9+ rather than the single lens users should find in the Galaxy S9.

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Redesigned iPads Expected to Appear Early in 2018

Several reports have surfaced, saying that Apple is planning some important updates to its iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets. The company will reportedly redesign the tablets to reduce their bezel sizes. They’ll also likely come with more powerful processors and other enhancements that will improve the user experience. Look for the new iPads sometime in early 2018.

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There’s Talk to an OLED Screen for iPad Pro

Separately, there’s a good chance that Apple will make deeper enhancements to the iPad Pro in 2018. According to some reports, the iPad Pro could come with the OLED screen technology Apple brought to the iPhone X. The iPad Pro could also be outfitted with Face ID for biometric support and a more powerful processor. The iPad Pro might get the biggest redesign out of any Apple mobile device this year.

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HMD to Continue Momentum Nokia 9

All signs are pointing to the Nokia 9 from HMD Global being the first big mobile release of 2018. The Nokia 9 will run on the Snapdragon 835 processor, according to reports, and have a vertically aligned dual-lens rear-facing camera. There’s a good chance that the Nokia 9 will run on Android Oreo. Look for the Nokia 9 to be on the expensive side, though exact pricing hasn’t been announced.

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Google Investment in HTC Mobile Team Should Bear Fruit

Now that Google owns HTC’s mobile device team, all eyes are on the search giant to what that investment will produce. In statements in 2017, Google said that it will use the HTC team to help it build the next-generation Pixel smartphone. It’s unknown at this point what the device might offer, what it might look like, and what features it might include, but expect it to be a major upgrade over the Pixel 2.

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IDC Foresees Big Changes Coming to Wearables Market as Sales Soar

A report by IDC predicts 18.4 percent compound annual sales growth for wearable devices over the next three years. But there will be a major shift as smartwatches overtake fitness trackers as the top sellers.
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