10 Motorola Mobility Headaches Google Must Cure Quickly

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-12-10 Print this article Print

5. An issue of quality

Motorola has been hit hard by quality troubles over the years. The company’s products, while nice-looking, lack the appeal of competitors’ models, particularly those from Samsung. Looking ahead, Google should work hard to ensure Motorola’s products offer the best components and the best designs in the space. Value and quality matter.

6. Poor management doesn’t go away so easily

Although Google has replaced Motorola’s former chief executive Sanjay Jha with Dennis Woodside, there are still lingering issues the company’s top management. Motorola executives were used to operating in a certain way and now, there’s a new boss at the home office telling them to do things differently. That causes some growing pains, but they’re necessary for Motorola to grow.

7. Too much Apple focus

Motorola over the years has tried too hard to be Apple. That’s an issue. So far, there hasn’t been a single company that has been able to deliver the combination of design quality and power that Apple has. The chances are Motorola won’t be able to do that. So, the company needs to stop being Apple and start trying to be like Samsung. That company is doing much better, after all.

8. It doesn’t get special treatment

Although Google has reassured its Android partners that Motorola won’t get special treatment, it might not be such a bad idea. Remember: Google has a responsibility to shareholders to make sound decisions that help them. Not helping Motorola achieve more success would be a major mistake.

9. Get back to the ads

When Motorola was successfully offering products to consumers, the company was doing an exceedingly effective job at marketing its devices. Now, though, it’s hard to find a single Motorola ad is effectively grabbing buyers’ attention. Perhaps Google should get back to advertising and find a way to reestablish its brand as something people should care about. Right now, few actually care.

10. No services

The secret to success in the mobile space today is the combination of hardware design and software services. Apple and Samsung both know that and offer extra services, like iTunes and Music Hub, to customers. Google even does so in its Nexus devices.  Yet, the company hasn’t invested enough of Motorola’s cash into building worthwhile multimedia services. That’s a mistake that could hurt Motorola in the long run.

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