10 Popular Mobile Apps Optimized for Apple's iPhone X

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10 Popular Mobile Apps Optimized for Apple's iPhone X

The new iPhone X presents a problem and an opportunity for mobile application developers. The iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone to eliminate the physical home button. It also has the biggest iPhone screen of all time, measuring 5.8 inches. Add that to a wider aspect ratio of around 19.5:9 and Face ID facial scanning, and the iPhone X represents a significant advance in smartphone design for Apple. But it also creates a problem for app developers who want to accommodate the bigger screen and Face ID. As a result, app developers have been updating their programs to make them compatible with iPhone X haven't done already. But there are already plenty of applications that have been optimized to for the iPhone X.  This slide show covers some popular programs that take full advantage of the iPhone X's new features.

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1Password for Password Keeping

Those looking for a password-keeper on iPhone X should consider the free 1Password. The app stores user passwords and automatically populates password fields to enhance security. For iPhone X users, 1Password can use the device’s Face ID facial scanner to verify a person’s identity before he or she can gain access to credentials.

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Fantastical 2 Keeps You on Schedule

Fantastical 2 is one of the most popular calendar apps in the App Store. The program, which costs $4.99, lets users create and share a variety of calendars with others and has to-do list properties to keep folks on track. The updated app takes full advantage of the iPhone X’s bigger screen but provides all the same features users have come to enjoy.

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Mint Tracks Personal Finance

If it’s money management users are concerned about, Mint is a nice option. With Mint, users can connect their bank accounts and keep an eye on their spending. Mint can also be used to create budgets and pay bills. The addition of iPhone X support means users can access their Mint information with the handset’s Face ID scanner.

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Fine Tune Your Workouts With Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Run Club provides tools to improve running workout. The app includes GPS tracking, audio-guided running workouts, and customized coaching plans. There’s also a social element to share progress with friends. Nike didn’t say how its free app accommodates the iPhone X, but expect at the very least for the program to stretch across the smartphone’s expansive screen.

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Google Updates Photos App

Google Photos is a repository for cloud-based access to user images. From the app, users can access photos taken across devices, upload new images, and download photos to their smartphones. Google Photos was updated on Nov. 2 to add support for the iPhone X’s aspect ratio, ensuring images and albums take up its entire screen. It’s available for free.

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Calm Centers the Mind

Calm is a nice app for those who just want to take some time to relax. The app is one respect centered focusing on the present and discourages users worrying to much about future. The also support meditation to center the mind. According to Calm’s developers, its latest update ensures the app’s compatibility with the iPhone X’s bigger screen. Calm is available for free.

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Buffer for Social Media Campaigns

Buffer is a popular app for marketing agencies and social media professionals who want to quickly draft social media messages and schedule them for future release. The free app works with everything from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter. With iPhone X’s help, the Buffer app will now support Face ID to verify the users identity before providing access to social media accounts.

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Personalize Forecasts With Weather Atlas

Weather Atlas is another free app that’s added support for the iPhone X’s bigger screen. With Weather Atlas, users can see a weather forecast and get access to live radar. It’s also possible to add personalized components to the app, such as weather information about users favorite places at a glance.

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Latest Super Mario Run Updated for Enlarged Screen

Super Mario Run is one of the most popular video games in Apple’s App Store, allowing users to control Mario as he bounces around a 2D-scrolling world. While the app is a free download, users can get access to the full universe with a $10 in-app purchase. The latest Super Mario Run update ensures the game fits on the iPhone X’s bigger screen.

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Shazam Names That Tune

Shazam is an outstanding free app for those who need help recognizing the title of song they are listening to. When a song is playing, Shazam users can turn on the app, which will listen to the track and identify its name and artist. Users can then download the song to their iPhones. Shazam’s update ensures its user interface stretches across the iPhone X’s display.

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