10 Products, Services Apple is Working on Besides the Next iPhone

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10 Products, Services Apple is Working on Besides the Next iPhone

Apple is the subject of countless rumors mainly focused on what its next iPhone might offer. But behind the scenes, the company is said to be working on much more. In the last several days, alone, Apple has been rumored to be working on a custom graphics chip, along with a new power management feature for its iPhone. The company is also reportedly eyeing new smart home technologies and yes, rumors persist that an Apple Car might still be in the works. Although Apple announced a new iPad recently, talk continues that it has big plans for its iPad Pro. The iPhone accounts for a lion’s share of Apple’s business, but it’s by no means the company’s only focus. Here’s a look at what else Apple is working on aside from the iPhone:

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A New and Improved iPad Pro

Apple reportedly is working on notable upgrades to its iPad Pro line. All of its iPad Pro models could soon get a power boost and design enhancement. Several reports say Apple also is planning to offer a third iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen to complement its 9.7- and 12.9-inch models.

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It's Making Big Investments in Augmented Reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that augmented reality will play a big role in the company’s future, and rumors are that Apple has formed a team working exclusively on augmented reality for its iPhone and other existing devices. Apple reportedly also is considering launching a standalone augmented-reality device.

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The Mac Pro Gets Some Love

Apple already confirmed it’s working on a new Mac Pro. The company’s executives told reporters recently that the device would come with a modular design and major component upgrades to keep pace with Windows-based alternatives. However, it won’t reach store shelves until 2018 at the earliest.

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It’s Smart-Home Time

Several rumors have cropped up recently that Apple is working on a smart-home device that could rival Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home. The device would come with built-in speakers and be powered by Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri.

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Apple Working on Its Own Graphics Chips

Apple reportedly is working on its own graphics chip for the iPhone, shocking its supplier ranks. Apple historically has relied on Imagination Technologies for its iPhone graphics chip but is now developing chips in-house and could be used starting next year.

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Apple Developing New Power Management Philosophy

In a bid to improve its mobile battery efficiency, Apple is said to be working on a new power management chip for the iPhone. The chip would deliver and throttle power needs on the fly, ultimately delivering better battery life, according to reports. However, it might not be available until 2019.

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New Apple’s iMacs Are Coming

Apple executives also have confirmed the company is working on updated iMacs that will ship this year. While the executives shared few details on the all-in-one desktops, they did say Apple will offer a version that will appeal to power users and professionals.

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Is a Streaming Television Service in the Works?

It’s been in the works for a long time, but Apple is trying to develop an alternative streaming television service to rival cable and satellite providers, according to reports. Apple has had a rough time inking deals, TV executives say, but continues to work on it, hoping to appeal to cord-cutters.

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There Might Be Netflix Alternative, Too

Apple has been developing original content as part of a broader push by the company to deliver a Netflix streaming alternative. The service would feature Apple’s own content and other programming it has deemed appealing, reports say. Look for an early version to launch this year.

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What’s Going on With Apple Car?

Apple Car has been one of Apple’s biggest mysteries and reportedly has gone through several iterations. However, reports say Apple is working on self-driving car technology that could be available in the next several years. Whether Apple is building its own vehicle, however, is unknown.

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