A10 Networks Report Shows How Dependent People Are on Mobile Apps

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A10 Networks Report Shows How Dependent People Are on Mobile Apps

It's no surprise that the use of smartphones and the applications that run on them have become pervasive in modern society. The A10 Networks Application Intelligence Report (AIR) released May 23 provides some interesting insights into how deeply dependent people have become on constant access to mobile devices. The report found that 42 percent of respondents indicated that they can't live without their mobile apps. Going a step further 46 percent of people said that they would rather lose their pants than their smartphones. While smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives, smartphone security has not. The study revealed that most users consider ease-of-use and performance before considering security when it comes to accessing mobile apps. This slideshow takes a look at some of the highlights of the A10 Networks Application Intelligence Report.

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Can You Live Without Apps?

Apps have become so integral to our daily lives that 42 percent of respondents to the A10 Networks study reported that they cannot live without apps.

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Choosing Food or Mobile App Access Is a Tossup

When comparing the importance of mobile apps to basic human necessities like breathing, eating and drinking, respondents were split. Half noted that mobile apps are not as important while half said that mobile apps are either almost or equally as important.

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Keep the Mobile App; Lose the Pants

The A10 Networks study found that 46 percent of respondents indicated they would rather lose their pants than their smartphones.

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Security Is Not a Primary Consideration

Various age groups indicated they value app attributes in different ways, though no age group values security as a primary attribute.

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When Is Mobile Security Important?

Mobile users tend to think about security risks more (32 percent) on personals apps as opposed to business apps (17 percent).

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Which Devices are Vulnerable?

To this question that allowed multiple selections, 65 percent of respondents indicated that in their view laptop computers were the most vulnerable to cyber-threats while 57 percent said it was their smartphones.

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How Mobile Apps Compare to Other Life Priorities

While multiple questions in the A10 Networks study asked about the importance of mobile apps, when given only given one choice of things that users could do in a 24 hours period, 44 percent of respondents would choose time with a significant other.

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