Apple Introduces iTunes Radio, iOS 7, New MacBook Air and More

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2013-06-10 Print this article Print
Apple iOS 7

OS X Mavericks boasts more than 200 new features. It brings in mapping technologies from iOS, so you can plan a trip and then send it to an iPhone, and also integrates Maps into the Mail, Contacts and Calendar apps so, for example, the Calendar can consider travel time between appointments. 

Mavericks also includes what Apple calls "power-user features" such as tags, to help you organize files on your Mac and in iCloud, and Finder Tabs that work to reduce clutter by consolidating multiple Finder windows into a single window with multiple tabs. 

Mavericks also includes iCloud Keychain—a way to store Website log-ins and passwords, as well as WiFi passwords and credit card numbers. These are protected with AES-256 encryption, on your hardware and when it's being pushed between devices.

It also has improvements to Notifications and the Calendar, as well as an Xcode 5 tool for developers, enabling them to measure "every aspect of app performance and energy use," says Apple.

Apple iOS 7, but No iPhone—Yet

In addition to iTunes Radio, the world was very much expecting an iOS 7 redesign and overhaul—and got it.

Apple overhauled the look of iOS 7, simplifying, streamlining and modernizing it, from the tiny details, like changes to fonts and typography, to larger changes like icon redesigns and a change to simpler, flatter backgrounds.

Pointing out that the faux fine Corinthian leather look to Apple's iCalender had been removed, Federighi said, "No virtual cows were harmed in the creation of this user interface."

It has "improved multitasking," per Apple,  though really an entirely new form of multitasking that shows stacked transparencies or, in another view, "cards" that show what open apps look like in real time, not just icons of the apps that are open.

There are also improvements to Photos—you can share photo streams with friends now, Instagram style—as well as to the Control Center, Notification Center and Siri, which will be able to control the device (you can say, "Play my last voicemail," for instance) and will come in the option of a man's voice.


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