Apple iPad 2

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Apple iPad 2

The iPad 2 must inspire the Amazon tablet. Apples device is the worlds most popular tablet, easily outselling all others. Plus, it comes with an operating system that people love to use. If Amazon isnt examining the iPad 2 and determining what makes it special—the branding, for one—the online retail giant will see its device fail miserably.

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Barnes and Noble Nook Color

The Barnes and Noble Nook Color runs Android and supports third-party applications. Whats more, it has support for e-books. Many folks in the marketplace consider the Nook Color the top e-reader in the space, thanks in large part to its tablet features. Amazon needs to keep that in mind as it makes plans for its future device.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 must be an inspiration for Amazons tablet for one simple reason: Its one of the few tablets on the market today that actually sells well with Android. In the tablet market, Android hasnt proven generally popular. But the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has. Amazon needs to determine why that is and figure out if theres something it can take from the device (like its nice design and Android Honeycomb integration) that it can use for its own product.

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Apples iOS platform must be an inspiration for Amazons tablet. Granted, the online company will be running Android in its device, but the nice thing about Googles mobile platform is that its open source. So, if Amazon wants to employ folks to improve Android and deliver what consumers really want, it can do that. But Amazon should take a close look at iOS to get an idea of what customers would like to see in its tablet.

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HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad might seem like an odd choice for inclusion in this slide show, but consider the devices recent retail successes. Since it was discontinued and the cheapest model was pushed down to $99, the TouchPad has sold extremely well. Perhaps Amazon can learn that pricing its tablet effectively could be integral to its future success. Although $99 might be stretching it, offering its tablet for under $300 might do wonders for Amazon.

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4G LTE Connectivity

Although its not a specific device, 4G should be one product Amazon thinks very carefully about. The ultra-high-speed networking would be a fine addition to its tablet, especially considering the iPad 2 doesnt support it. Amazons device will likely come with 3G, but if the company is smart, it will offer 4G, as well.

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Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom shouldnt be looked to for inspiration when it comes to sales. However, the device did do something right: It had a nice, big display. The Xoom featured a 10.1-inch screen that people really liked. Even better, it was bigger than the iPad 2s 9.7-inch display. If Amazon wants to take down the iPad 2—and it should—offering a big, 10.1-inch screen might be a good idea.

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Apple iCloud

Amazon has the luxury of being able to provide an online service to bolster its tablet. With that in mind, the company should invest heavily in a service that could compete on the same level as Apples iCloud platform. In the future, the tablet space will rely heavily upon cloud services. Why shouldnt Amazon start capitalizing on that now?

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Amazon Kindle

It might seem odd for Amazon to think about its own e-reader for inspiration in its tablet, but it should. The Kindle is Amazons top-selling mobile device, which indicates that the company is doing something right with it. Whether its pricing, marketing, or just plain product design, Amazon is selling Kindles without any trouble. it might be able to do the same with its new device by thinking about what it did right with the Kindle.

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Apple iPad 3

Although the iPad 3 hasnt been released or even announced yet, the device should provide some inspiration for Amazon. The retail company needs to think about what Apple will offer in its next device and try to do it first. It also needs to think about what Apple wont do to ensure it doesnt fall into a trap. Introducing a new device thats obsolescent out of the gate will ensure a short market life for any mobile product these days. Amazon must remember that.

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