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5. A button-less design

OK, so this might be a bit of a stretch, but it would be nice if Apple ditched the home button in the iPad Mini. The physical button works fine on the big iPad, but as the Kindle Fire proves too elegantly, it€™s not really necessary on a smaller device that won€™t handle all of the same tasks as the larger counterparts.

6. A fresh look

Next, it would be nice if Apple brought in a fresh new design to the iPad Mini. Sure, the new iPad comes with a neat look, but it€™s getting a little old and outdated. Maybe Apple can try something new with its smaller slate.

7. An 8-inch screen

One of the biggest mistakes Apple can make with its iPad Mini is to deliver a 7-inch screen. The Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet might come with 7-inch displays, but that doesn€™t mean Apple must follow suit. By offering an 8-inch option, Apple can differentiate its slate and perhaps overtake Amazon in the smaller-tablet market.

8. Full Siri support

Apple made the curious decision with the new iPad to only include voice dictation, rather than the full Siri support. In the iPad Mini, the company should consider offering full Siri integration.

9. Out-of-the-box reliability

One of the biggest factors in determining a product€™s success is its reliability. If a device is reliable and works as advertised, great. If it doesn€™t, it€™ll fail. Although the new iPad works as advertised, it came under the gun recently for heating up and because users reported WiFi connection problems. Although those issues weren€™t deal breakers, they were enough to make it more likely that potential iPad Mini buyers will want to find out first if the device will be reliable out of the box.

10. An ultra-thin body

Earlier on, we mentioned how important it would be for the iPad Mini to come with a unique, new design. However, it€™s also important for the device to be extremely mobile. Small tablets need to be easy to slip into a travel bag to take along on a road trip. That means that the iPad Mini should be about as thin as Apple can make it.

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