Apple iPad Pro Features Make It an Effective Enterprise Work Horse

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2015-11-28 Print this article Print
iPad Pro Review

All of that screen real estate means that this tablet needs plenty of battery power, and it gets it with the 38.5 watt-hour battery.

Apple says the iPad Pro will last 10 hours in normal use and my experience confirms that. I did not notice that using the cellular connection versus WiFi had a negative effect on battery life. There's a 12-Watt charger to keep that battery topped off.

I ordered the T-Mobile version of the iPad Pro, but it appears that all U.S. versions of this tablet are identical and you can change your carrier just by swapping out the SIM card. Apple also offers its own SIM that allows you to use any carrier that supports the tablet and change carriers when you wish, but I didn't test that feature.

There's no question that using this much larger iPad takes some getting used to. It's big, and in some cases you may be more comfortable keeping it on your desk or in your lap, but it's actually not all that heavy. In fact, the weight of this iPad is nearly identical to the original version of the iPad. You will have to adjust to making larger movements as you use the touchscreen, but the change is intuitive.

However, some things are better when they're larger. The larger on-screen keyboard on the iPad Pro is much easier to use and while it's not quite like typing on something with real keys, it's much easier than typing on, say, an iPhone. Thumb-typing on the iPad Pro in its portrait orientation also takes a little getting used to, but again, it's just a matter of familiarization. I had no trouble once I got used to it.

Apple makes a dedicated keyboard and a stylus for the iPad Pro that's supposed to make it into a laptop replacement. However, neither was available when I bought the iPad. Apple also makes the Smart Cover for the iPad and it's just like the smart covers for earlier versions that attached to the side magnetically. It works well and folds back to form a support for the tablet. This allows you to prop up the iPad for movie watching, or turned the other way, at a slight angle for typing.

The Smart Cover has the advantage of not adding to the bulk or thickness of the iPad Pro while still protecting the screen. Unless you really need the keyboard, the arrangement is entirely adequate. I'll still test the keyboard and stylus when I can get them, but they're not necessary to use this tablet productively.

I found the iPad Pro to be a great addition to working on the go. I probably wouldn't use it to write a book, but it sure is good enough for most other uses. It seems to be a real winner.


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