Apple iPhone 6 Plus Delivers Plenty of Value in a Scaled-Up Smartphone

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2014-09-25 Print this article Print
iPhone 6 Plus

Speaking of its size, the iPhone 6 Plus is big. As someone with larger hands, I have no issue getting my fingers around the display. But friends of mine who have smaller hands complained that they needed to use two hands often to jump from one area of the screen to the other.

That complaint is not unique to Apple, however, and typically comes with any phablet. To Apple's credit, it has tried to cut down on the issues related to finger-stretching by adding an extremely thin bezel to the design. Still, single-handed use won't work for everyone.

Beyond that, I was pleased with Apple's decision to move the lock button to the right side of the device, since it makes it more convenient to access when holding the smartphone from the bottom. Apple has moved the volume controls to the left side, along with the familiar silence switch. Both work as expected and match nicely with the device's Space Grey finish.

I'm not a fan of the placement of the headphone port at the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus, but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

There has also been some talk of the bendability of the iPhone 6 Plus. My device doesn't bend nearly as much as some I've seen in videos and I don't feel it's flimsy in any regard. Perhaps I'm not trying hard enough to bend my iPhone 6 Plus, but then again—why would you want to do so?


Apple's iPhone 6 Plus performs admirably. After restoring my device from an iCloud backup, I found that my many apps worked extremely well on the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only did they look much better on the bigger screen, filling up every inch, but they also opened quickly and were responsive at every turn.

I tested the iPhone 6 Plus on a wide range of apps, including those built into the device and more resource-intensive programs, like video games. Overall, the experience was solid throughout, though I'd reject any claim made by Apple or others that mobile is closing in on console gaming. As a longtime gamer, I find that mobile devices still have a long way to go to match purpose-built game consoles in terms of graphics and controls.

Call quality is outstanding on the iPhone 6 Plus. While I experienced some dead spots in my home with the iPhone 5, that was no longer an issue in the iPhone 6 Plus. People on the other side of my calls also reported that I sounded crystal clear both on speaker and off.

A similarly high-quality experience was delivered through Apple's FaceTime video call app, which allowed me to communicate with friends on Macs without any issue. We were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of those video calls.

Although it's been around for more than a year now, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature is new to me, since I was previously using the iPhone 5. The feature is solid, though it can be finicky if you're not placing your finger on the button just right.


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