Apple iPhone 6 Shows Why Even Small Gains in Screen Size Matter

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2014-10-04 Print this article Print
iPhone 6 Review

Just to make sure that the sensor didn't work with any fingerprint, I had family members and friends try to unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor. They couldn't.

However, there is one potential problem when setting up a new iPhone 6 if you've already turned on two-step verification in iCloud and the iTunes Store. You will need to be able to receive a text message with a verification code during the process. But if you're setting up the phone, you won't also be able to receive text messages. When I had this problem, I visited the local Apple Store, but the staff there was unsure of how to solve the problem.

So here are the solutions. You can make sure you have your recovery code handy because you'll need it. Or you can hold off activating your cell service on the iPhone 6 until after you've set it up so you can get the verification code by text message on your old phone. The other choice is to turn off two-step verification while you set up your phone, then turn it back on once you've moved past that point.

In daily use, I found that the iPhone 6 is a substantial improvement over the iPhone 5S. The larger screen makes a huge difference. Plus, the iPhone 6 is faster, and it communicates faster because it will work with 802.11ac on 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and it'll work with faster forms of LTE.

The new screen features 1,334 by 750 pixels, but the pixel density remains the same as the iPhone 5. There are just more of them. The IPS (in-plane switching) screen worked well in sunlight. The light sensor reduces brightness nicely, but sometimes the screen got too dim, a condition that's easy to correct.

Likely the auto-dim is set that way to increase battery life. While Apple lists the battery life of the iPhone 6 to be only slightly longer than the iPhone 5, I found it to be much better in daily use. The iPhone 5S that I had most recently would frequently need a little charging time in the afternoon. The iPhone 6 lasts all day and still has about 30 percent charge when I plug it in for the night.

Despite the warnings and the hype, my iPhone 6 did not bend. Most of those reports were about the iPhone 6 Plus anyway, and the iPhone 6 feels substantial in any case. Of course, I also learned long ago not to sit on my phone, so perhaps that reduced the chance of bending.

Overall, I'm pleased enough with this iteration of the iPhone that I spent the extra money and bought the 64-gigabyte version of the Space Gray device. For once, this is an iPhone that's good enough to keep.



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