Apple iWatch is a Bad Idea: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-02-19 Print this article Print

5. It’s no fashion statement

What are the chances of the average person wearing the iWatch? Over the last several years, watches have become obsolete among those who tell the time with help from their smartphones and don’t care to wear watches as expensive jewelry. That Apple would want to get people to attach a touch screen to their wrists seems ludicrous. What kind of fashion statement is that?

6. Apple can only go so far with phone support

Apple might run into an issue with its iWatch. According to reports, the device would be capable of playing voicemails and taking on many of the functions of the iPhone at launch. But what happens in the next iteration when customers call on Apple to add more features? Will it become too phone-like, thus hurting iPhone adoption? Apple needs to be very careful with how phone-like it makes the iWatch.

7. Would it be too easy to steal?

The big issue that no one has really discussed about the iWatch is that it might be too easy to steal. After all, the iPhone and iPad are usually tucked away in a pocket or bag, making them more difficult to be stolen. An iWatch is one big target sitting on a customer’s wrist. It might sound odd, but theft could be a huge barrier to entry for Apple’s iWatch.

8. Necessity must be the driver

When it’s all said and done, Apple needs to decide whether a product is truly necessary. And as much as the company’s fans might not like to admit it, an iWatch doesn’t seem like the kind of product that we all need. Apple right now needs to focus on the iPhone and iPad and forget about this watch. It’s unnecessary.

9. Apple’s update cycles are an issue

Apple likes to update products every year to induce customers to buy a new iPhone or iPad every couple of years. A watch, however, is something that many folks keep for years. And although an iWatch will have a faster recycle time than a Rolex, Apple would need to anticipate people holding onto their watches for several years. Given how Apple’s business model has worked for years, that might be a problem.

10. Too many products are never a good idea

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs made clear during his tenure as the company’s chief executive that the fewer, extremely popular products his company sold, the better. That’s why he did away with so many unnecessary product lines. Now Tim Cook appears to be adding more products to Apple’s line, going against his predecessor’s guidelines. That’s a mistake. Apple needs to focus on a small number of products and stop trying to be the company, like Sony, that appeals to every need. Doing so is a major mistake.

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