Apple Maps Can Still Be Saved: 10 Ways to Fix It Fast

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-03 Print this article Print

5. Get the updates out more quickly

Time is running out. Although it's believed that Apple is quietly updating Maps, the company needs to make notable changes more quickly. Right now, Apple is losing the PR war against Google and despite some minor changes, users haven't seen enough changes or improvements in Maps to make them change their opinions about the application's quality. It's about time Apple starts rolling out major updates far more quickly.

6. Make it clear when updates come out

Apple needs to trumpet the news whenever it rolls out a significant Maps update. Customers have had enough of the quiet updates that no one sees or seems to care about. Each time Apple delivers a new feature or some improvements, the company must make that clear to the iOS community. To not do so means conceding that Google is the unchallenged king of Internet map applications.

7. Forget the map visuals

There's a common belief in the mobile world that Apple will never be able to catch Google Maps because of StreetView. That's nonsense. The fact is that today's users care most about an application's accuracy and ability to get them from one point to another. While Google's StreetView might be nice, it's not the killer feature Apple has to deliver first.

8. But don't forget to give users some extras.

That said, Apple mustn't lose sight of the importance of extras. While satellite and street imaging might be less important, having more points of interest is. Improved real-time traffic information is also an important aspect of Maps' value proposition. Some nifty functional extras are a necessary piece of the Maps puzzle.

9. Strive for innovation

Innovation is lacking in Maps. The application doesn't do anything that breaks the mold in the mapping world and is in no way better than Google's alternative. The time has come for Apple to spend plenty of time trying to find that single feature that no other mapping companies have considered. What is it? Who knows? But Apple must find it.

10. License services from others

If Apple doesn't want to acquire too many other companies, the iPhone maker must start thinking seriously about licensing services from other firms. There are several prominent and highly respected mapping applications in the wild, and they all do something fun and interesting. Apple should search through those map applications, find some likely to appeal to users and license the best so it can add them to Maps. Why try to reinvent the wheel?

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