Apple Maps Must Die Sooner Than Later: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-12-11 Print this article Print

5. There's more to benefit from the App Store

Apple benefits from having more third-party applications available for users to download. The more engagement consumers have with its App Store, the more likely users will be to stick with Apple products over the long-term. By delivering its own poor-quality mapping application, Apple only encouraged customers to go to the App Store to search for a Map program that works. Unless Apple finds a way to vastly improve and monetize Maps, there's no upside to hurting third-party developers who have (unfortunately) become competitors.

6. It's OK to lose one

Apple believes that it must always win its battles. But that's a falsehood. It's just fine for Apple to admit when it's wrong, wave the white flag and move on. Believe it or not, Apple, there's no shame in admitting you made a mistake.

7. Most don't care which company makes the mapping app

Although Maps might eventually become a high-quality application, it's hard to see how much Apple can gain by seeing that happen. Sure, Apple would achieve its goal of kicking Google out of iOS, but when it's all said and done, consumers don't care which company is developing the apps, as long as they work well. The sooner Apple realizes that, the sooner it can move on from this.

8. Siri is more important

Let's not forget that in addition to Maps, Apple is suffering software troubles with its personal virtual assistant, Siri. Considering Siri plays such an important role in iOS functionality, Apple would be better served by spending cash improving that program, rather than Maps.

9. It takes the attention off hardware

After launching Maps with all its problems, Apple delivered the iPhone 5. And although the device got ample coverage, Maps ended up taking some of the attention away from the handset, because people were focusing on Maps as a major huge issue with iOS. Apple doesn't need software to distract from hardware. And yet, that's exactly what Maps is doing.

10. The risk is too high

The last thing Apple can do is claim to fix Maps and have users find that it's still plagued with quality problems. If it does, Apple might face a whole new outcry that it won't easily overcome. The risk is simply too high for Apple to try its luck with another update. At this point, Apple should ditch Maps, pretend that it never happened and move on. Coming back into the market with a half-baked redux could turn out to be a huge mistake.

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