Apple Must Fulfill 10 Resolutions to Achieve a Successful 2013

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-02 Print this article Print

5. Close the Android software gap

As nice as iOS is, Android comes with a host of features lacking in Apple’s mobile operating system. For example, iOS doesn’t anticipate what apps a person wants to open based on their previous actions, as Android does. iOS also lacks support for multiple windows, file systems and wireless data transfers via Near Field Communications. Apple should deliver many of those features this year.

6. Worry about China

China is a huge growth opportunity for Apple as well as a risk. China’s middle class is growing, which means more and more customers in the world’s most populated country will be looking to buy smartphones, tablets, and computers. If Apple can deliver the right value proposition to customers, it can dramatically improve its business. If companies like Samsung are able to appeal more to Chinese customers, however, Apple could be in for trouble. Apple must focus on the Chinese market for years to come.

7. Only release one iPad and do it later in the year

Last year, Apple launched not one, but two 9.7-inch iPads. The move irked some customers who purchased the first iPad model and saw it trumped just a few months later. This time around, Apple should release only one new iPad, and offer it up sometime later this year. The closer to an annual iPad launch Apple can get, the better.

8. Bring NFC to the iPhone 6

For years now, iPhone owners have been begging Apple to bring near-field communication technology to the smartphone. And each year, Apple has balked. Let’s hope that 2013 is the year in which Apple finally embraces NFC and delivers an interface that will make it easy to wirelessly transfer information from one device to another.

9. Reassure shareholders

Although Apple’s shares hit all-time highs last year, over the last three months, the company’s stock price is down nearly 18 percent. At least during the beginning of the year, Apple must reassure shareholders that it can stabilize its stock price and continue to hit its lofty earnings estimates. To not do so would send its share price into a tailspin.

10. Take the lead in security

Apple’s iOS and OS X are less likely to be affected by security woes than other platforms, but that doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t try to take a lead in safeguarding customers. OS X and iOS are still very susceptible to malware and other security threats. Making a renewed commitment to improving security would go a long way toward retaining current customers and help bring new customers into Apple’s big tent. The sooner Apple does that, the sooner it can make Windows and Android look bad in comparison.

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