Apple's Tim Cook Is Right About Google Glass: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-05-29 Print this article Print

6. Comfort will be a huge factor

Following that, it's important to think about comfort when evaluating Google Glass. There's currently no word on how comfortable the glasses are, but judging by their design, there doesn't appear to be a fully customizable way to ensure they will stand up to the average person's comfort needs. Considering everyone has different needs to make glasses feel comfortable, that could be trouble for Google Glass.

7. Why will the enterprise care?

The corporate world has become an important consideration in today's consumer marketplace. Companies are now designing products that will appeal to consumers and could help the enterprise through the so-called BYOD trend. The trouble is Google hasn't proven that the enterprise will actually care about Glass. And judging by its features, the enterprise has no reason to care. That's an issue.

8. Google hasn't solved the prescription issue

Google has yet to fully address the problem of prescription Google Glass. There have been hints that Google Glass will be integrated with prescription corrective lenses, but the company hasn't said for sure it will happen. If it doesn't, Google Glass will have an exceedingly difficult time attracting the mainstream consumer.

9. It's essentially a smartphone competitor

Historically, devices that attempt to compete with smartphones don't perform all that well. And yet, Google is trying to take on smartphones with Glass. That's not a good idea. Smartphones can do everything that Glass can do and then some. And they will almost certainly cost less than Google's wearable technology at least to start. Google needs to find a way to distance Glass from smartphones, or find a way to make the technology complement handsets, or it's hard to see how it can be successful.

10. It needs to be 'cool'

As mentioned earlier, Google Glass needs to be a fashion statement when people wear it. But perhaps more than that, it has to be a "cool" device. When the iPod launched, it was cool to own it. The same was true about the iPhone, and now, the Galaxy S 4. If kids and young adults are going to be wearing this product, and that is most likely the market Google is going after, the company will need to do a much, much better job of making Glass cool. It's an absolute necessity.

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