Apple's WWDC-Kickoff Video: Lame Poem or Convincing Argument?

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2013-06-11 Print this article Print

But such a message also raises expectations, said Kay.

"That's okay, if you're going to delay even longer to perfect the products you have in the pipeline. But when we see them, they'd better knock our socks off."

Ken Hyers, a senior analyst with Strategy Analytics, was more put off.

"The script from that animation reads like Zen poetry as created by a committee within the marketing department of a massive corporation. Oh, wait ... ," he told eWEEK.

"Apple's fear is that [expanding its product line] will dilute its brand, but this ignores the success of other aspiration luxury brands, such as Porsche, which though identified primarily as a sports car maker actually makes most of its profit from SUVs and four-door sedans," Hyers added, more seriously.

"For high-end brands, careful expansion of product lines is a way of creating new revenue streams and making shareholders happy. Samsung is doing this ... and I think that Apple could be even more successful if it did the same."

Analyst Jack Narcotta, with Technology Business Research, said he found the video nostalgic and defensive.

"Apple doth protest too much," he told eWEEK.

Narcotta pointed out that when the first iPhone was introduced, it replaced feature phones and stodgy BlackBerry devices and was seen as a great convenience. Since then, lots of competitors have figured out how to make great-looking, well-built phones with lots of services.

"The problem is that it was necessary for Apple to show that video, to remind everyone that it does, in fact, make some amazing products that stand out among all the 'convenience,'" said Narcotta.

"Bottom line," Hyers added, "I believe that Apple's claim that its maniacal focus on quality is what is preventing it from introducing new handsets is wearing thin. It needs to introduce new handsets quickly."

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