A Look Under the Hood as Apple Music Launches

By Todd R. Weiss  |  Posted 2015-06-29 Print this article Print
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Music Experts Share Their Recommendations, Too

A key new feature of Apple Music is that experts around the world will curate the music and help create personalized playlists for users based on their growing preferences inside Apple Music. A special "For You" section in Apple Music brings those selections together. The expert curators include Rolling Stone magazine, XXL magazine, Pitchfork, The Grand Ole Opry and others, which offer up similar kinds of music and bands that users may have never heard before.

Beats 1 Live Radio Also Included

The new Apple streaming music service also includes a live online radio component. Called Beats 1, the radio streaming service will include on-air personalities spinning songs and exploring new music with listeners. The 24/7 Beats 1 streaming radio show will be led by influential DJs Zane Lowe in Los Angeles, Ebro Darden in New York and Julie Adenuga in London, with the programming broadcast around the globe at the same time.  

Band Info, Tour Notes, Photos and More

Subscribers will also be able to take in the new Connect feature in Apple Music, which lets artists and fans communicate with one another directly for a more intimate look at the music and bands that fans love. Through Connect, artists can share on-the-road experiences, lyrics, backstage photos and videos, or release their latest songs directly to fans from an iPhone, while fans can comment or interact with artists through social media platforms.

Apple Music was unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer conference in early June and has already had some controversy even before its launch. The company wasn't planning on paying musicians for their work during the 90-day free trials for subscribers, but that move was reversed later in the month when pop music icon Taylor Swift criticized the earlier decision as unfair to musicians.

Swift wrote an eloquent post, "To Apple, Love Taylor," on Tumblr June 21 that called Apple's original decision to withhold payments to music writers, producers and artists for three months "shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company," eWEEK reported at the time.

An Apple executive quickly responded publicly on Twitter, reversing the company's stand and pledging to pay royalties to musicians and recording companies even during the free customer trials.



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