Bill Gates Is Wrong on Surface vs. iPad Tablet Claims: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-05-08 Print this article Print

5. The iPad's virtual keyboard works

Gates also took a swipe at the iPad's virtual keyboard, saying that it makes it very difficult to type on the device. However, he failed to point out that the Surface's virtual keyboard hasn't exactly scored the highest grades. The iPad's virtual keyboard actually works quite well.

6. The iPad is more portable

Looking at the Surface and the iPad, it's hard to see how the former can be regarded as more portable. Microsoft's Surface has a larger, 11.6-inch screen, and thanks to its magnesium finish, is slightly thicker and heavier. In the tablet world, portability is a key selling point. And on that front, the iPad wins out.

7. Pricing is a huge concern

Pricing is a major concern for consumers and enterprise users. Once again, it's hard to see how the Surface tablet actually stacks up against Apple's iPad. Microsoft's Surface Pro—the only device that truly stacks up against Apple's larger iPad—starts at $899 for a 64GB option. Apple's 64GB version starts at $699. And for $829, users can get 4G LTE.  And all of that ignores the fact that Apple sells low-priced iPad Minis. On price, Microsoft is behind.

8. The enterprise isn't biting

The corporate world should have been central to Microsoft's plans in the tablet market. Instead, it's proving to be its downfall. The vast majority of major companies around the world are using or testing iPads. In addition, smaller companies are using them as lightweight notebook replacements. The enterprise just isn't biting on the Surface, and its sales are hurting because of it.

9. The data doesn't follow his thesis

Gates indicated in his interview that customers are finding that the iPad is frustrating and they're turning elsewhere for their tablet needs. However, the data doesn't support that claim. Apple's iPad sales have reached 141 million since April 2010 out of the 253 million sold over that period. What's more, the rate of Apple's iPad sales is only increasing. It's hard to see where Gates is getting his facts.

10. Desktop operating systems are not the tablet panacea

Finally, Gates says that the secret to Microsoft winning the tablet market will be its ability to deliver a PC-like experience on tablets. But as the past year has shown, there's no indication that customers want that. Tablets need lightweight, speedy and highly mobile operating systems that can handle simple tasks as well as more complex processes with ease. Windows doesn't exactly fit that bill, Bill.

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