BlackBerry Must Achieve 10 Things to Stay on a Path to Success

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-31 Print this article Print

5. It has to keep reassuring enterprise customers

The trouble with BlackBerry 10 is that it’s not an overtly enterprise-focused platform. In fact, some CIOs and IT decision-makers would be excused for believing that, with its camera features and promotional screenshots, the software is actually designed for consumers first. BlackBerry must make it clear to enterprise users that the platform really will work in office as well as earlier BlackBerry models.

6. While it works hart to attract consumers

At the same time, BlackBerry has a bit of an identity crisis. BlackBerry has realized that in order to be successful, it must attract consumers and the last thing it needs is to appear that it is a company that mainly focused on business users. Therefore, BlackBerry must find the proper balance between targeting consumers and enterprise users. It won’t be easy.

7. Security as the killer app

If 2012 taught mobile users anything, it’s that they’re less safe now than they ever have been. Malicious malware is more prevalent on the Android platform than ever. Even iOS isn’t safe from hacking. For years, BlackBerry software has been extremely secure and effective in protecting data. If BlackBerry can make the case that its software is more secure than iOS and Android, it might just attract more users.

8. More big events

The nice thing about BlackBerry’s Jan. 30 event is that it was big and attracted a lot of positive attention, which helped generate market buzz about its new phones. As the company launches updates to BlackBerry 10 or offers up more products, it should keep holding such big events. At this point, BlackBerry needs all of the attention it can get.

9. Fewer devices, greater quality

BlackBerry ran into some trouble over the last few years trying to launch too many devices for too many customers. That resulted in a general sense that BlackBerry was offering desperately throwing broad range of products on the market in hopes that something would catch on. This time around, BlackBerry should offer only a few devices and market them intensely. For now, BlackBerry 10 won’t be successful just by having more devices on store shelves than the next company.

10. Quick (but not huge) market share gains

When the research companies announce first-quarter market share figures, BlackBerry must get a boost. Investors, customers, and enterprise decision-makers are unsure what the future holds for BlackBerry and are wary about investing in the company’s products until they know. A quick (but not necessarily major) jump in market share this quarter could help it regain its standing with some customers and help build momentum going into future quarters. By any means necessary, BlackBerry must get products into paying customers’ hands.

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