Google Glass Enterprise Edition Turns on the Corporate Appeal

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition Turns on the Corporate Appeal

Google Glass was once the joke of the consumer tech market, smart eyewear worn by so-called "Explorers" that proved to be more a nuisance than enlightening its users with life-changing technology. Now, however, Google Glass is back—but with a new focus and a hope of dramatically improving corporate efficiency. The new device, called Google Glass Enterprise Edition, has been in limited testing but is now available to companies both big and small. Like its predecessor, Google Glass Enterprise Edition is eyewear. But unlike its predecessor, it's focused solely on the corporate world and ensuring workers have the information they need to more effectively and efficiently do their jobs. Flip through the following slides to learn more about Google Glass Enterprise Edition and the features designed for corporate use.

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The Same, Basic Experience as the Original Google Glass

Google Glass Enterprise Edition isn't reinventing the wheel. The device is still an eyewear wearable providing digital information directly in front of a person's eyes. The virtual elements are overlaid over the physical world, like augmented reality, to allow users to interact with information while they're working.

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It Works With Prescriptions and Safety Goggles

In a move that can only help Google Glass Enterprise Edition grow over time, the device supports both prescriptions and safety goggles. Google Glass essentially clips on to users' glasses, so they can protect their eyes and see clearly while they interact with the wearable.

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Enterprise Edition Boasts a Better Camera

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is capable of both capturing stills and recording video. And unlike the previous Google Glass, the Enterprise Edition has a red light that will illuminate when video is being recorded. The red light will alert others to the video recording to ensure privacy, Google claims. In addition, Google Glass Enterprise Edition has an 8-megapixel camera, a boost from the 5-megapixel camera in the consumer version.

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Battery Life Should Suffice

In an interview with Wired, which announced Google Glass Enterprise Edition, Google said the wearable will boast more than 8 hours of battery life. That is a big plus for corporate users who want to work all day without having to recharge the device in the middle of a job.

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Customized Software Is Available

Google has partnered with a host of firms to ensure companies using the wearable have access to customized software. Companies that sign up to use Google Glass Enterprise Edition can develop software with partners that's relevant to their operations. In the case of DHL, for instance, the logistics company created software for package pickers to identify where boxes need to go.

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Voice Commands Activate Applications

According to Google, users can activate Glass' features with a simple voice command. While wearing the device, users can simply say "OK Glass" and then say the name of the application they want to access. At any time, voice commands can also be used to switch between applications and functions.

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Smart Eyewear Can Play Videos

Training videos and images can be easily accessed and viewed on Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The eyepiece is essentially a display that, when users request a video or photo, will display the content they desire. Google says this feature can be used to improve job effectiveness and quality assurance.

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Live Video Collaboration Enables Real-Time Help

Google Glass enables one worker to help another without being there in person. Those in need of assistance can share a live video stream of what they're looking at with others. The "see what you see" feature allows others to tell the person how to fix the problem or collaborate on it in real time.

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Companies Already Using Glass to Improve Efficiencies

While Google is just now opening Glass to a broader array of customers, a host of companies are already testing and using it. General Electric, for instance, is using the technology to improve manufacturing efficiency. Sutter Health is employing it to save doctors time. Even AGCO is using Google Glass Enterprise Edition to improve agriculture machine production.

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It's a Partner-Based Model

Although Google is producing Glass on its own, it has partnered with a host of other companies that will tailor solutions to individual customer needs. So, when a company enquires about using Google Glass Enterprise Edition, it will be handed to the partner that works in that company's industry to help it develop a customized solution.

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