Google Glass Taken for New York Subway Ride by Sergey Brin

By Todd R. Weiss  |  Posted 2013-01-22 Print this article Print

Eventually, Brin departed the train in the midst of their conversation when the train arrived at the 14th Street station, wrote Zerkin. "I bid him 'take care' and that, as they say, was that. I took out my phone. Looked at the pictures, and thought 'yeah ... that really was Sergey Brin, you dummy ... couldn't you have thought of something intelligent to say? Or told him that you've been working on building a wearable human interface device accessory specifically suited to HUD applications?"

In a phone interview, Zerkin told eWEEK that the sighting of Brin on the train was "just sort of a serendipitous happenstance" and was absolutely not staged as a publicity stunt.

And in the excitement of seeing Brin wearing Google Glass and getting to talk with him about the product, Zerkin, who specializes in the development of gyroscopes, magnetometers, accelerometers and other motion and orientation sensors, didn't even think to hand Brin his business card, he said with a laugh.

"While I had immediate regrets that I didn't identify myself and give him my card, I'm not sweating it at this point," said Zerkin. "I was in all honesty star-struck, and also I'm not very good with faces. But I figured here's a guy wearing Google Glass so I certainly had grounds to engage with him. I don't know why I just didn't come out with it, like saying, 'You're Sergey Brin and I work with augment reality, too.' I'm actually glad that I didn't. It might have been rude to blurt out his name on the subway."

So does Zerkin hope that his chance meeting with Brin on the subway train and the ensuing 15 minutes of fame he's experienced since posting his tweet will ultimately result in an offer from Google to try out a Google Glass unit that he missed out on by not attending Google I/O?

"That would be wonderful," said Zerkin. "I would love that. I would certainly love to get my hands on it. I have tried. At least they know who I am now, and if they want to talk with me they could certainly reach me."

The Google Glass project is an eyewear-mounted computer that will have a wide range of innovative features when it hits the consumer market. The Explorer Edition versions of Google Glass for developers are expected to become available early this year, with consumer versions expected at least a year later.

Google Glass features an Android-powered display, a tiny Webcam, a GPS locator and an Internet connection node built in to one side of a pair of glasses. The glasses are lightweight and may or may not have lenses.

According to Google's patent application for Glass, which is listed online, the glasses use a side-mounted touch-pad that allows users to control its various functions. The glasses will be able to display a wide range of views, depending on user needs and interests. One potential view is a real-time image on the see-through display on the glasses, the patent application states.


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